Why Spaulding Decon Is Truly a Recession Proof Franchise

The recession of 2008 and the virus of 2020 has taught me one thing as the founder of a crime scene cleaning franchise; we are 100% recession proof. As a matter of fact, we have seen two giant increases in business over the 15 years since I started this company. One...

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A Real Recession-Proof Franchise

Did you know that historically, franchising has been one of the business models that have gone up during the recession and economic slowdown? The economic recession in 2008 offered a painful, yet important lesson for people looking to purchase a franchise or launch...

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Spaulding Decon Announces Veteran Franchise Giveaway

This Is Your Chance To Be A Franchise Owner! Spaulding Decon is proud and honored to do our part to support and help our veterans. We are a leading crime scene cleanup company that is proud of our veterans. Our decontamination company already includes several US...

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How Franchisees Are Killing It with COVID-19

We are going through challenging times. The leading cause of our shared worries and anxiety is directly proportional to the uncertainties, such as economic uncertainty, we face as the international pandemic of coronavirus continues. Are you looking to be a franchisee?...

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FRANCHISE INVESTMENT QUESTIONS Are you thinking about opening your own remediation company? Franchises are proven business models that get you started quickly with limited risk, but even great opportunities fail if poorly managed. You don’t want to waste your time or...

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