Opening a franchise is a lot of work, but if you have the passion, the work is worth the reward. To make this process easier on the franchisees, any of Spaulding Decon’s candidates are now automatically approved for an SBA Express Loan! This means that money can be a much smaller factor in the decision making of opening a franchise and your passion for the business can truly be the decision maker. Now, off the bat, Spaulding Decon Franchisees can borrow up to $150k towards buying an SD franchise.

To ensure your eligibility, the SBA will review the following:

  1. Outstanding credit card debt (not to exceed $15,000).
  2. Credit score must be 675 or higher.
  3. Start-ups and new businesses in operation less than 2 years require minimum cash contribution of 10% of the loan amount from non-borrowed sources.
  4. Personal liquidity of $20,000 (incl. cash, savings, IRA etc.) or 15% of the loan amount
  5. No Bankruptcy, Judgments or Tax Liens
  6. No 912 Issues (Incarceration)
  7. Evidence of US Citizenship or Valid Vis

Do you qualify based on the list above? Do you have the passion, time, drive, and willingness to learn that it takes to open a Crime Scene Decontamination Company? Then maybe it’s time you become a Spaulding Decon Franchisee and start changing the world, one cleanup at a time.

Visit SpauldingDecon.com to learn more about Spaulding Decon. Check out the blogs on becoming a franchise owner here or SpualdingDeconfranchise.com to begin the process of owning a Spaulding Decon Franchise today!

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