Spaulding Decon, a leader in the crime scene cleanup and specialty cleanup service industries, offers multiple continuing education credits for property managers and insurance adjusters. Through our interactive approach, we help you learn how to handle a variety of circumstances under which you might need our services.

We are state licensed to offer our continuing education credits, and offer the following approved seminars:

● Crime Scene Cleanup – Designed for insurance adjusters and property managers, this course provides a better understanding of the proper certification, regulations required by your state, training, how to eliminate stress related to handling a crime scene, proper cleanup and disposal process for a contaminated area, and who pays for the services.

● Meth/Drug Lab Decontamination – This course teaches the steps for the proper testing of a suspected meth lab or other drug lab, state requirements for decontamination, the proper certifications and training that a meth/drug lab technician should have, the decontamination process, and insurance coverage for meth and drug lab cleanup. It is designed for code enforcement officers, law enforcement, and health department personnel.

● Property Restoration After Hoarding – This education session defines what hoarding is, what triggers hoarding, how to understand and deal with hoarders, preparation for hoarding cleanup, and times to help the hoarder before, during, and after a property is restored. This is a beneficial course for social workers, code enforcement personnel, health department personnel, property managers, and animal control personnel.

If you are interested in taking one of our continuing education classes for one of the above cleanup services, call us at 866-993-3266. We will provide you with more information about the course and assist you with the registration process.

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