Has a property you own been the site of a crime? Has this affected the value of your property? Has the property just become a hassle? If you answered yes to these questions, it is time you sell your house to us, Spaulding Decon. We understand the trauma that burdens you and your family. A death in the home, finding a drug lab on a property you purchased, maybe you’re just a landlord in another state and owning a house that needs remediation is too much for you. All of these reasons mean Spaulding Decon is the company you need to turn to. If your house has been contaminated, it’s time to sell.

Spaulding Decon makes it EASY for you to sell your home. If you were to sell it on the market after your home has been contaminated, there are several steps that you will need to go through and hoops you’ll need to jump through in order to sell your home. You’ll have to hire someone for decontamination, who is certified for your job. To find someone who knows how to do the job, that has the certificates and then pay them is a lot to do just to then put your house on the market. Spaulding Decon buys your home outright, without decontamination, repairs, or cleanup. We will purchase your house as is and take it off your hands.

When you contact us about selling your home, we buy cash. This means there are no third-parties to deal with, no dealer’s fees, no closing costs, no inspections, no changing the closing date. Selling your house to Spaulding Decon is a quick and easy way to get the house off of your hands without losing money.

Why pay for the cleanup? Spaulding Decon will take care of that after they purchase the home. Why pay to list with an agent? The deal is between you and us here at Spaulding Decon, we offer privacy and discretion when selling to us. We Buy as is, no repairs needed. To you, your contaminated house may be a source of pain and stress, let us take it off your hands, no questions asked.

There are many reasons why selling to Spaulding Decon is the best and easiest option for you. Here are a few

  1. A death in the home you don’t want to disclose:
    If a loved one, or tenant, or any person passes away in a home, legally it must be disclosed in some states. This will make the information on the death public to anyone looking into purchasing the property and may deter buyers. Spaulding Decon buys the home and keeps your information private. The only people who will know are us.
  2. A drug lab was present in the house
    If the house was used as a clandestine drug lab, it will need to be thoroughly decontaminated before anyone would be legally allowed to or willing to buy it, but not without extensive decontamination which will come at a lot of cost to you. Spaulding Decon buys the home as is, so the problem is no longer yours and you have cash in hand.
  3. You can’t afford to make the necessary repairs
    Sometimes the repairs in the home that are required to make it habitable or for resale are too much, and that’s okay, Spaulding Decon is here to help you. Spaulding Decon will buy your home as-is for a fair price. No repairs are necessary for us to purchase the house.
  4. You live out of state and don’t have time to deal with it.
    Sometimes, the hardest part of being a property owner or landlord is that the properties you own are far away. Dealing with repairs, clandestine drug labs, or other biohazards on a property far away from you can be a hassle. Between the time and travel costs, it may not be worth it to keep it. Spaulding Decon operates in states all around the nation and is always ready to purchase a house. If you don’t want to deal with a house out of state, call us at Spaulding Decon, let us take care of it for you.

When your house or rental property has been contaminated, let Spaulding Decon relieve the stress of cleanup and decontamination. Selling the house is the best option when there has been a death in the house, drug lab, or other biohazards present. It takes a team of highly trained individuals and a pretty penny to decontaminate a home. Save yourself the hassle and make some extra cash – sell your contaminated house to Spaulding Decon, today!

Call 866-99-DECON for more information on selling your contaminated home- or contact your nearest Spaulding Decon Location:


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