When it comes to cleaning up meth labs, professional cleanup is a must. If you’ve been made aware of a lab or possible lab on your property, gone through the testing process and are now looking to clean it up then you already know all the reasons for having it professionally done: it’s safer than self-cleanup and most effective. Between the amount of work needing to be done, the hazard it is to do it yourself, and pain of disinfection and restoration hiring a professional is simply the best option. You need a professional company to come in and restore the home, apartment, hotel or other property to new!

Though you may think you can clean up a drug lab on your own, you have to consider all the factors that are involved. It is not just cleaning out all the tools like pots, pans, blenders, stove and other items. Drug lab cleanup involves extensive remediation like appliance removal, HVAC removal, and all contents removed. Almost every surface in the building is most likely contaminated and will need to be dealt with which is a lot for an untrained group or individual.

Your safety is priority and cleaning up a meth lab is dangerous. The chemicals can be inhaled unknowingly and chemicals are flammable! If not for any other reason, safety should be why professionals are hired. Hiring a team of highly trained people who have dealt with drug lab cleanup before is the best way to assure the job is done safely.

Beyond the removal of any infected items cleanup involves the disinfecting of the items that remain. Walls, air ducts, cabinets (if they’re retained), insulation, and subfloors could all be affected by the clandestine drug lab and will need to be tested and removed. A lay person will not have the tools or chemicals required to properly disinfect the property.  If you had disease carrying mold and bacteria, you wouldn’t remove it yourself you would need to call a professional and the same goes for illegal drug labs.

Finally, the restoration of the home. After the property is completely cleaned out, disinfected, and safe for habitation it needs to be restored. A professional company will have the expertise, instruments and manpower to properly restore the property. When a professional team is hired the property will look better than before and be ready for use once the job is done.

Professionally cleaning is safer for you, and for the future users of the space as well as offering you a hassle free solution to your problem with a guaranteed clean space. Don’t neglect to check with your local and state legislation. Some states require professional cleanup, while others do not. In some states you are not even allowed to clean drug labs without being licensed! Stay safe and follow the law to assure a safe property rejuvenation.


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