Meth labs are dangerous. That is the number one thing to understand when it comes to cleanup and decontamination of a former meth lab. The tools, chemicals, and materials used in making methamphetamine are dangerous and sometimes toxic on their own. More so, when combined with each other to form meth, they become lethal. If confronted with a situation that requires meth lab cleanup, Spaulding Decon is the company to call. Spaulding Decon has been in the business for over 10 years and has the knowledge, expertise, technicians, and proprietary equipment needed for proper drug lab cleanup. Not just anyone can take on the daunting task of drug lab cleanup and it is most certainly not a job for an individual to handle on his or her own. Hiring a Professional is a must to ensure your safety and the welfare of the property.

Safety is the primary concern when cleanup begins. Many people underestimate the amount of contamination in a drug lab cleanup that they must deal with and therefore underestimate the danger that comes with it. According to the OEHHA, there are at least six pounds of hazardous waste material for every one pound of meth produced. When cleaning up a lab, there is a high risk of contamination from drug residue. The residue which can be in drains, carpets, and air ducts, counters, and surfaces located within the building and especially in the area where the drugs were made, and even in the drywall and subfloors. Beyond that, the chemicals used are flammable. A clandestine drug lab can easily catch fire if the conditions are right and that can cause harm to a person and completely destroy the property. Spaulding Decon’s professional team understands the hazards of a drug lab and how to properly clean and remediate the property.