Are you interested in starting a successful franchise, but are not sure which direction to go in? Have you considered choosing a crime scene cleanup franchise? Crime scene cleanup is one of the best recession-proof job industries to invest in.  The industry is low cost, has little competition, and can be home based.

Spaulding Decon, established in 2005, is one of the nation’s leading crime scene cleanup companies in business. Our highly trained crews offer crime scene cleanup, meth lab testing and cleanup, biohazard decontamination, mold remediation, hoarding cleanup, and many other specialty services. Since our company has started, we have become one of the top cleanup companies in the United States by providing exceptional franchises opportunities.

Unique other franchise opportunities, Spaulding Decon offers hands-on training and an extensive business model that is proven to be successful. We provide behind-the-scene support to all of our of franchises to help each new business accomplish success. Spaulding Decon is a business that was founded off hard work and success, values that we put forth in all of our new franchisees. When it comes to providing support, our corporate team is truly exceptional. We have a fantastic corporate structure and have a small business enterprise. We believe in helping all of our franchisees find success in the industry, and we go to great lengths to ensure that we offer the proper training and business support in order to achieve that.

The extensive amount of services we offer are what sets us aside from all competitors and similar companies. Spaulding Decon is licensed in remediation services, waste collection, building inspection services, scientific and technical consulting, hazardous waste collection, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, and environmental consulting services. We carry certifications in 40-hour hazardous waste operations and emergency response, crime scene cleanup, lock/tag out, mold remediation, blood-borne pathogen training, water restoration, meth lab decontamination, and more.

Our services range from accident/death cleanup, vehicle decontamination, odor control, filth/hoarding cleanup, disinfecting services, meth lab testing and decontamination, mold remediation, tear gas remediation, and much more. As you can see, Spaulding Decon is a company offers a nearly endless amount of services; we simply are not just a crime scene cleanup business.

Spaulding Decon’s crime scene cleanup franchise offers potential business owners a unique opportunity to work in an industry that helps other while making a profit. Our corporate team in Tampa, Florida, trains potential franchise owners and their cleaning crews, and we provide them with unparalleled support throughout the startup process to get the business off the ground and running.

We offer intensive training to all new employees and franchisees. While this training can be very vigorous, we provide a comprehensive training program. We invite all new franchisees to our headquarters to undergo 7 days of cleanup training by our experienced professionals, and we also spend up to an additional week at your location to finalize training and business setup. We typically start the training in a classroom setting and then move to hands-on simulations in our on-site training rooms that replicate actual scenes.

Starting a franchise with us will provide instant business through our already established national accounts, so you will get instant work when you start up your franchise. We have built a trusted name for our services, and we are constantly growing our network and connections.

We are always there in support for our franchisees and customers with our 24/7 call service. We provide constant phone support and will always be there to answer questions and give guidance.

Our Franchisees gain access to our proprietary products that are specifically designed for our unique cleaning services. These products are top notch and exclusively available!

Spaulding Decon will provide guidance with marketing efforts and campaigns. We help all new franchisees market their new business. From website pages to marketing collateral, we help each business to grow in their market for success.

This field of work establishes a recession-proof workflow. Our services: Trauma scene cleanup, mold and mildew remediation, death cleanup, and other specialty cleanup services, are unique and in constant demand for trained specialists. Spaulding Decon franchise can provide services that will always be needed regardless of the current economy.

If you are interested in learning more about starting your own Spaulding Decon crime scene cleanup franchise, do not hesitate to contact us today. We are eager to welcome new franchisees into our corporation! We will help you through the franchise start-up the process and provide you with a solid foundation for a business you are sure to be happy with.

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