When it comes to blood cleanup, many people underestimate the amount of work and equipment it takes to properly remove it. Even small amounts of blood in the porous material is a biohazard. It may seem that a big-name carpet cleaner company is the right way to go but that is never the case when it comes to blood cleanup. The large name companies don’t have to train, proprietary equipment or proper know-hows to fully remove blood and the risks associated with it. When you need blood removed, call a local professional. Spaulding Decon, Fort Lauderdale has the training, tools, and business knowledge needed to make sure your space is habitable again.

A typical carpet cleaning machine – used by standard carpet cleaning companies use either a steam method or a shampooing method. While both may sound like they work, neither is able to remove all the blood properly from my carpet. A steamer attempts to use the heat of steam to kill bacteria and then vacuums up the excess water and remains from the carpet. The shampooing method machines do just what it sounds like – shampoos the carpet. The problem with this method, the cleaners are pushing the blood deeper into the carpet and into the subflooring. When it comes time to vacuum it up, the vacuum removes the top layer of detergent and maybe some blood, but most of it will be too deep to reach.

With both these techniques, there is blood left behind on the floor. Though the carpet may appear clean, the blood is just embedded deeper in the carpet. Eventually, the blood will bubble back up through the carpet and stain it again. In the meantime, it will begin to decompose and start to smell. Many times this is even worse when the carpet should’ve been removed. Blood can carry pathogens that are dangerous to your health and the carpet should have been removed. A trained cleanup company such as us here at Spaulding Decon would know when the carpet will need to be removed or if we could clean it. Just skip the hassle and go straight to the experts.

When you hire Spaulding Decon at any of our locations your carpet will be hiring the best in the business for cleaning and remediating your carpet. When possible, Spaulding Decon will restore your carpet to almost new condition, cleaning the blood completely from the carpet. We have the tools the big carpet cleaning companies don’t. Instead of pushing the blood deeper into the carpet the experts here at Spaulding Decon will take it completely out making your living space safe again.

Whether it’s from homicide, suicide, unattended death, or any other incident, Spaulding Decon has your back. Don’t leave it to the amateurs, contact the experts. Our background checked and highly trained crews will ensure your blood cleanup is done correctly! Call Spaulding Decon at 866.993.3266 for more details on our blood cleanup services.

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