More people in the US and throughout the world are staying indoors in order to avoid contact with individuals that can potentially be infected by the coronavirus. The coronavirus that leads to dangerous COVID-19 primarily spreads from person to person. The coronavirus is a respiratory illness, and that means it usually spreads through airborne droplets. Keep in mind that a healthy person can then inhale the virus through droplets. 

However, there are other ways to catch this virus if you touch any surface or object that has the coronavirus on it and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. According to multiple new studies, the COVID-19 virus lives on various surfaces, such as plastic surfaces and metals. Also, the virus can live for several hours to even days on surfaces, such as doorknobs and countertops. How long the virus survives will depend on the material, such as wood and what the surface is made from. The lifespan of the coronavirus on any surface such as a stairwell banister, a subway pole, or even money depends on multiple factors. These factors comprise of the surrounding temperature, type of surface, and the level of humidity.

Coronavirus can live on the following surfaces: 

Coronavirus can live

Some examples include packagings like detergent bottles, milk containers, bus seats, elevator buttons, and backpacks. Life duration ranges from two to three days.

Typical examples comprise of teakettles, pennies, and cookware. Life duration is typically four hours

Some examples include measuring cups, drinking glasses, and mirrors. Life duration is up to five days

Examples are jewelry, doorknobs, and silverware. Life duration is five days

Preventive Measures

Here are some tips to prevent infection with the new coronavirus through contaminated surfaces are to:

  • Know all the common surfaces such as glass and where germs can hide
  • Frequently clean as well as disinfect surfaces you touch often
  • Wash your hands regularly and properly

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