covid-19 cleaning serviceThe coronavirus pandemic is surging in the United States and across the globe. There are now nearly 21 million positive cases in the United States. Over 350,000 Americans have lost their lives due to COVID-19.

It is imperative that your company takes aggressive steps to curb viral spread. This includes routinely disinfecting your facility to protect workers and customers.

The top COVID-19 cleanup service uses products on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) List N. Read on to learn how the best coronavirus cleanup services operate.

How Does the Coronavirus Spread?

Before starting your facility decontamination, it is important to understand how COVID-19 spreads. The coronavirus spreads primarily through human to human contact.

The virus is airborne and is transmitted when people eject respiratory droplets. This occurs when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Another person can get infected when they inhale those respiratory droplets.

Enclosed spaces with poor ventilation are most susceptible to COVID-19 spread. Also, the coronavirus can spread when a person is in contact with a contaminated space.

How Does a Coronavirus Cleanup Service Work?

The process starts when a corona cleanup crew comes to survey your facility or office. Here, decontamination technicians determine the scope of the job. Also, they develop a decontamination plan and propose it to the business owner.

Once both parties mutually agree to services, a decontamination crew comes in to execute the job. All employees are completely cleared out for an abundance of caution. The top decontamination companies work around your company’s schedule to make this process as convenient as possible.

The next step is using products on the EPA’s List N to eradicate the virus. Some property cannot be decontaminated. The decontamination crew consults with the business owner on potentially removing or restricting access to this property.

What Are the Best Decontamination Products?

It takes highly-rated products to eliminate the coronavirus from your business space. The key is to use products found on the EPA’s List N.

The EPA conducted extensive testing to ensure these products eradicate the virus. In order to get on the list, the product had to meet at least one of three different criteria set by the EPA.

Of course, a product is deemed worthy if it demonstrated efficacy against COVID-19. Some products were tested against pathogens that are more difficult to kill than COVID-19. If this product demonstrated efficacy, it also earned a place on List N.

Lastly, other products were tested against other forms of the human coronavirus. These alternate forms had to be similar to COVID-19. A place on List N was secured if the product demonstrated efficacy against a similar human coronavirus.

How to Search for a Product on List N?

The EPA has an advanced search page for finding products approved for List N. You can search it in a number of different ways.

For example, you can use the EPA registration number. This is typically found on the product label or online. Another way to search is by product name.

You can tailor your search to find a product based on need. One way to search is by the formulation type.

Consider that you are looking for a mist or electrostatic spray. Searching this way is the best method for finding a List N product meeting your requirements.

Another way to search is by surface type. There are a number of different surface types, including porous and nonporous.

Some people search for the use type. List N products are approved for use in residences, industrial sites, and healthcare facilities.

Contact time is another important factor when choosing a product. Depending on the product, the contact time to kill the virus ranges from 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

Lastly, you can search for List N products based on how they passed EPA testing. Some only want products that successfully killed the COVID-19 virus. Others are willing to use a product that killed similar or stronger pathogens.

How to Select the Right Product?

Selecting the right product is critical to effectively decontaminating your workspace. How is the average business owner expected to know which products work for their needs?

This is why the decontamination crew’s site survey is so important. It is at this juncture that technicians determine the scope of the corona cleanup.

They evaluate what types of surfaces that you have. In addition, these technicians are experts on product instructions like contact time. Remember, a product is not effective unless it remains in contact with the surface for the recommended amount of time.

The best strategy is to rely on experts in product selection. To prevent a viral spread, you cannot take this step lightly and should defer to professionals.

Should You Hire a Top COVID-19 Cleanup Service?

Thoroughly disinfecting your workspace is a complex project. It takes a lot of work and expertise to get it done right.

Hiring a top COVID-19 cleanup service is the best way to ensure your workforce’s safety. Your employees will feel comfortable knowing that the best products were used.

One consideration when selecting a company is whether they can use certain products on List N. For instance, the best coronavirus cleanup services have proprietary products. This means they are not commercially available to other cleaning companies.

Ultimately, List N products do not help you if they cannot be purchased. Before hiring a decontamination company, you should ask what products they are using. Also, ask if the products are on List N.

A Recap of How to Decontaminate Your Workspace

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the United States and its businesses. However, there is a way to keep your workspace safe from viral spread.

Bringing in a decontamination service company is the best way to protect your employees. They will come in and perform a thorough site survey.

Next, technicians will use products from the EPA’s List N to eradicate the virus. These experts know where your facility is vulnerable and how to effectively target the coronavirus.

If you are interested in hiring a top COVID-19 cleanup service, contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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