After over a decade of working with hoarders it is painfully obvious what makes a person become a hoarder.

Typically we see that the hoarder has experienced a tragic event in their life.  This is usually a death in the family or someone very close to the person.  The loss of that person triggers a deep depression and a need to retain items to lessen the pain of that void.  The items that the hoarder choose to retain typically vary per person.  We have seen shopaholics who choose to over purchase items because they enjoy receiving packages.  The stark contrast is the hoarder that chooses to never throw away garbage, and pick up other peoples garbage.  The garbage is typically left inside their home to stack up.  This type of hoarder, trash hoarder, is often very depressed and shows their depression by living in horrible conditions.

Hoarding has finally become a psychiatric disorder and added to the DSM.  This is not only great news for the recognition of the disorder, but the addition to the DSM will allow hoarders to receive insurance coverage for mental health therapy.

Spaulding Decon helps families of hoarders as well and provide hoarding cleanup services also.  Most families have more questions than answers.  They typically do not understand how a person becomes a hoarderHowever, once we begin going through the time line of the hoarders life we are able to pinpoint the time that the hoarder began over buying and retaining items.  It is important for families of hoarders to not judge the person.  Judgment is typically why they stay silent for so long.  Their attachment to these useless items is always secondary to what the problem really is.  We can help hoarders and families of hoarders regain their lives and restore their homes.


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