Most biohazard cleanup cases are covered by homeowners insurance.  However, in the unfortunate circumstance that your homeowners insurance has lapsed or you have a policy that excludes biohazard cleanup you are faced with a big decision.  Do you clean it yourself and call a company to dispose of the biohazard materials?  That can be a very daunting and maybe impossible thing for a homeowner to clean themselves.  Cleanup costs can vary from $2500 all the way to over $40,000 depending on the severity.

There are many variables where performing biohazard cleanup on your own and if the deceased is family or known to you the worst thing you can do is try to clean it up yourself.  There are a lot of emotions when cleaning a death scene.  Do you want to remember the deceased in that state?  Do you have the skill, knowledge and training to cleanup after a homicide or suicide?

Here at Spaulding Decon we are giving you another option.  Free crime scene cleanup is available if we buy your house cash.  If you cannot afford the cleanup of a death scene we will make you a cash offer to buy your home as is.  We will even move the contents that you want to keep out for you.  Many of our customers have taken this option.  If the house is a place you do not live and you are inheriting then you would need to sell it anyway.  You cannot list it with a real estate agent because of the biohazard present and the potential bad odors.  To make the situation easier we offer you cash for your house and you pay no commissions or closing costs.  We can typically close within a week of your accepting our offer.

Do not despair when faced with a death or accident cleanup situation.  You do have options on cleaning up your property.  Homeowners insurance is always the first choice but never the only choice.  To get more information on the “we buy houses cash” option please call our office 24/7 at 866-99-DECON.  There are no limitations to the location of the property, size, or price range.  We will buy any house, any condition.

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