Choosing a franchise opportunity is a life changing event. You have many choices on which franchise opportunity is best for you and your family. You should do your initial research and discover what is available in your budget. Take into consideration what money is available to borrow. SBA offers an express loan for $150,000 which can be obtained in less than 45 days. If you had a corporate job with a 401K you can also borrow against that without penalty. There are many ways to leverage funds to start a new opportunity.

If you are utilizing the service of a franchise broker there is no cost to you. You must realize, however, that when you use a broker the franchisor pays a substantial fee to the broker if you decide to go with that particular brand. The reason this is important to you is that the franchisor is much less likely to make any concessions for your benefit because they are giving a substantial commission to the broker.

A Spaulding Decon franchise opportunity is unique. These are the top 5 reasons to choose a Spaulding Decon Franchise.

  1. Spaulding Decon franchisees experience multiple streams of revenue. We have 4 umbrellas of services but multiple streams of income fall underneath each one. For example, crime scene cleanup is one of our main services. Underneath the crime scene cleanup umbrella, you have tear gas cleanup, finger print removal, unattended death cleanup, and MRSA & Staph disinfection to name a few. These streams of income allow our franchisees to service both commercial and residential customers. Instead of being a niche business we are actually called up frequently to handle a variety of cleanups.
  2. Spaulding Decon specializes in a recession proof industry. Many franchisee candidates come to us after being laid off from the corporate world. The sting of working for the same company for 20 years and being laid off without notice is still fresh in their voices. A Spaulding Decon franchise opportunity can guarantee that our industry is recession proof providing endless opportunities for work and growth.
  3. Spaulding Decon franchisees enjoy very little competition and exclusivity. We are the only franchise in the country to offer meth lab cleanup services. The drug lab cleanup industry is booming and we are in the forefront. Our franchisees are training in testing former meth labs and providing decontamination services. Our franchisees enjoy exclusivity with our proprietary chemicals. No other crime scene cleanup franchise has proprietary chemicals nor do they offer meth lab cleanup services.
  4. Spaulding Decon franchisees are taught how to buy customer houses and flip them for a nice profit. No other franchise in the industry offers their franchisees with the training and financial support to buy customer homes so they can start a new life. Sometimes our customers don’t want to hold on to the bad memories of what the home held. Spaulding Decon franchisees offer new beginnings. Our franchisees will team up with corporate to buy these homes for cash and re-sell them for a nice profit. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.
  5. Spaulding Decon franchisees enjoy work from our national contracts. Franchisees are taught an extensive marketing plan to follow. This plan will grow your business quickly. Getting in a new franchise at the forefront offers multiple opportunities. The largest being the benefit of working in other territories without having to buy them. New franchisees get the unique opportunity of scoping out the volume of work coming into adjacent territories.

If you are interested in learning more about a Spaulding Decon franchise contact our offices and speak with a franchise development manager.

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