There are a few types of drug lab cleanup situations in which we are called.  A few main requests we get for drug lab cleanups come from hotels, apartment complexes and foreclosed homes.

Hotels are typically used to manufacture meth labs because they offer a clandestine and safe area for meth cooks.  Typically meth cooks will check in and cook a few batches over a day or two and check out.  These types of meth lab cooks are harder to catch because they are so mobile.  Law enforcement typically catches meth labs in hotels when an informant makes a buy from the hotel room.  In a most recent case, Florida law enforcement busted two meth cooks manufacturing meth in a cheap motel.  Police Find 2 Children in a Meth Lab.  Unfortunately, Florida has no State regulations requiring the cleanup of these meth labs.  That means that an unsuspecting tourist or guest could rent the room right after the bust and never know that it is a contaminated environment.

Meth labs in apartment complexes pose significant risks for other tenants due to their close proximity.  There are a few ways to manufacture methamphetamine, however, all have the potential for explosion and fire.  One wrong mixture or an incorrect order of mixtures could cause an explosion.  Other nearby apartments could be caught in the cross hairs and never know what happened.

Lastly, we see a significant amount of meth labs in foreclosed homes.  The economy is coming back and foreclosures are down significantly.  When the recession was occurring many people were losing their jobs.  Unfortunately, when they couldn’t find other jobs they started cooking meth to supplement their incomes.  They stopped paying the mortgages on their houses, and cooked significant batches of meth.  The recipes to cook meth are very easy to find on the Internet.  Once the eviction and foreclosure were complete the bank is left holding the toxic home.  If the bank has no history or knowledge of the meth cooking in the home then they have no indication that it is not habitable.

In conclusion, the most common meth lab that we run into is still the one-pot method.  Visit our website to see the paraphernalia and things to look for to see if your property may have been used as a former meth lab.  If you have any doubts you should always have the property tested.