It is unfortunate, but we all have to deal with death. When a loved one dies, it can be the most traumatic experience in your life, but it doesn’t end soon for you. You have funeral planning, reception, burial, and much more, but the priority is to take care of the deceased. Many people don’t realize that if a loved one passes away in their home, that it is their responsibility to clean up their death. It is a misconception that first responder, the coroner, or police clean up the body when in reality it falls on the family.

The first step to take when it comes to after death cleanup is to call Spaulding Decon. When a person passes, there is too much to worry about for you to have to deal with cleaning up after their death, that is why you need a decontamination company to help you. Spaulding Decon is a team of sensitive caring individuals who are compassionate about what you are going through. Our team will make sure you have the support needed to get through this difficult time.

There will be odors, fluids, toxins, and biohazards that will need to be removed from the home. Spaulding Decon comes in and gets to work within hours of the death. We understand that privacy at this time is important and for this reason, we show up in unmarked vehicles and uniforms in order to be discreet as possible. We treat the body of the loved one with the utmost respect and care as we clean the home.

Spaulding Decon uses hospital grade disinfectants to make sure that all the blood, biohazards and toxins are removed from the area of death. Some items will not be able to be remediated, such as sheets or in some cases carpet. Spaulding Decon removes these items from the home and disposes of them properly to ensure your safety.

There is also an odor associated with death that is nearly impossible to remove: Spaulding Decon has a proprietary equipment to handle this. Our specialized ozone machines neutralize the odor in the air, leaving no trace behind.

The whole process is professionally documented and our team at Spaulding Decon will use this information to help you file an insurance claim. Oftentimes, death cleanup is covered under your homeowner’s policy and we want to make sure you have all the help you can get.

The faster the deceased is removed from the home and the home is remediated, the sooner you can begin to return to your life and begin the healing process. Spaulding Decon’s after death cleanup service is there the moment you need them to begin cleaning and remediating your home. We know your life is upside down and we are here to help you get a bit closer to normalcy.

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