Although all of us hope for the current situation to improve as soon as possible, a quick reality check indicates something inevitable – the coronavirus is here to stay for the next couple of months. While we don’t know what the new normal will look like, here are some steps that you can take when preparing to reopen your business.

Implement the Right Protocols

The most critical step to reopening your business is to check government guidelines and mandates about reopening specific businesses in your region. Note that each type of business has received different directives.

When you have all the needed information, make sure that you are ready with a prevention plan. Also, it is vital to communicate critical coronavirus information to your employees, customers, and guests.

Steps to Reopening Your Business after COVID-19

Close Breakroom Hangouts

Your employees need breaks. But how will you manage them? For example, in the past, retail and restaurant breakrooms were filled with several employees relaxing on couches, eating snacks, and cracking jokes before returning to their workstations.

Now, you have to monitor these breaks, ensuring your employees are six feet apart. And your breakroom should be big enough to accommodate the number of employees who will take a break at once.

Address The Needs Of Your Insecure Employees

You can turn your furloughed employees into flexible workers, and retrain them in skills that enable them to refocus on areas with higher demand.

Individualized Office Spaces

You know that the days of shared office equipment, such as printers and close quarters for seating are at the end of the line. You should also consider touchless control systems for other shared equipment, like elevators and doors. Note that the CDC recommends installing physical barriers, closing communal spaces, and changing office layouts to put at least 6 feet of distance between work stations. You should also evaluate shift schedules and rotations to minimize exposure.


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