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Are you concerned about health and hygiene in the coming year? Despite the arrival of a vaccine for COVID-19, it could still be a long time until the virus is gone for good. At this time, safeguarding the health of you and your family is as important as ever.

In 2021, staying clean will be just as vital, as people begin to lower their guard. Below, we give our must-know guide on why viral disinfection is still important in 2021.

How Do Viruses Spread?

Viruses are tough customers, that spread quickly and easily. They mainly spread through droplets that fly out when people talk, cough, or sneeze. These droplets then enter the airways of another person, transferring the virus.

These droplets can also land on surfaces where they can live until they are transferred through touch. If you happen to touch one of these surfaces then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, you can contract the virus. A virus can live in this way for around 24 hours.

This makes a virus easily transmissible if surfaces are not disinfected. Door handles, surfaces, cups, and cutlery should all be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected.

Why Is Viral Disinfection Important?

The use of proper medical disinfection can help halt the spread of viruses and diseases. This does require a routine process of sterilization and disinfection.

A bacteria, virus, or microorganism that can cause disease is known as a pathogen. There are several ways in which a pathogen can get into a host body. Every year, pathogens are responsible for around 23% of the world’s deaths.

Infections that are acquired during medical procedures or in medical facilities are known as Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI). Many people in these situations are already at risk due to other ailments, so medical viral disinfection is now a standard procedure.

How Does Viral Disinfection Help?

A virus is made from a genome and proteins. Different forms of disinfection attack different viral functions, rendering them useless in various ways depending on the method you use. For a virus to work, it needs to perform a number of functions.

Firstly, it needs to attach to the host cell in the human body. It must then be able to inject its material into the cell, and then be able to replicate. There are three main types in which you can disinfect a virus and stop these functions.

Three Types of Viral Disinfection

The three main types of disinfection are pasteurization, radiation, and chemical disinfection. Each of them works in a slightly different way, but all can be just as effective.

Pasteurization helps preserve food from microorganisms. Heat inhibits the bonding process between the virus and the host cell, as the virus stops recognizing the host. However, COVID 19 is so far not known to transmit through food, making this method unsuitable for preventing the transmission of the pathogen.

The next is radiation, which has a two-fold effect. It breaks the virus genome cell, making it impossible for it to inject material into the host. The second way is that it triggers reactions that destroy the genome itself, preventing replication.

In everyday situations, using radiation is not always possible. That means that the final method, chemical disinfection, proves to be the most usable method in which to safeguard our living and workspaces.

Chemical disinfection usually utilizes chlorine. Chlorine launches an attack on the genome itself, much the same way radiation does. This prevents it from injecting material into the host.

Disinfecting Your Home

Start with a routine cleaning regime on surfaces that are considered high touch areas. These can include tables, doorknobs, switches, toilets, and any other areas you may suspect as harboring viruses. Protect yourself by wearing gloves when cleaning, and if the area is visibly dirty then clean with soap and water before.

Apply bleach to the surface that is within date and is suitable for disinfection. You may wish to dilute it with water. Make sure the room is well ventilated and leave it on a surface for at least a minute before wiping it off.

Safeguard your electronics, such as mobile phones and computer keyboards, by putting a wipable cover on electronics. Alcohol-based wipes, if the concentration is high enough, can be a great tool for wiping surfaces. Once applied, dry thoroughly before use.

Staying Healthy 2021

Part of viral disinfection involves not just cleaning surfaces, but preventing the virus from reaching your own body. Part of this is through regular disinfecting, particularly of the hands. Use sanitizers when out and about, and do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly when entering and leaving the home, and after using the bathroom.

Limit person to person contact where possible. Depending on your location, government advice, and how long the virus stays, then you may be asked to self isolate or stay in a family bubble. Following these guidelines prevents transmissions between people, and should be followed.

What to Do if You Have a COVID Sufferer in the Household

If someone in your house does become ill, the need to stay safe and disinfect becomes even more vital. To prevent transmission, they should stay in a separate room, if possible with their own bathroom. Make sure that you increase the level and frequency of disinfection in these rooms while safeguarding your own health.

You can wash their cutlery and dishes with a mild disinfectant, then wash again with soap and hot water. Give them their own trash can, and make sure you use gloves when handling it. If they are able to clean their own space, ask them to do this.

Hire Professional Services

If you are struggling to implement viral disinfection practices in your home or commercial building, then consider hiring a professional service. They can take off the strain if you are too busy, already ill, or concerned about your own safety. They will have the correct tools and higher grade cleaning products to get the job done safely and confidently, essential in the current climate.

When you hire a professional, you also get their experience. They know the places that will be most at risk in a property, either commercial or residential. You can be assured that the job will be thorough and precise.

Hire the Best

Your first stop should be Spaulding Decon when searching for professional viral disinfection services. We understand that these are the worst times in a person’s life and we take our responsibility seriously. Call us for a quote, so we can begin to clean your house with care and compassion as soon as possible.

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