Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, business owner, there will come a point where you need Spaulding Decon’s decontaminations services. Oftentimes, you may have jobs that require professional help and not realize the extent of the damage. From industrial decontamination to drug lab, tear gas, and death decontamination, there will be jobs you can’t handle alone. When it comes to the tough decontamination jobs, Spaulding Decon has you covered.

Industrial Decontamination

When people are working the same job day in and day out, accidents can happen, especially in an industrial setting. Conveyor belts can be the cause of accidents which can get blood on the work-floor. In a similar fashion, industrial machinery can cause accidents in the workplace that require professional decontamination services. Spaulding Decon’s industrial decontamination services are commonly used for a variety of workplace incidents.

Death Decontamination

Death can happen anywhere, at home, on the job, or even in a car. When your friend or family passes, decontamination is the last thing on your mind, but you will need a professional team to come in and return the space to working order. Death cleanup is messy and the biohazards that are associated with it need to be dealt with responsibly.

Drug Lab Decontamination

When purchasing a new property, it is important to have it tested for clandestine drugs. Any property could have been the site of a drug lab and the residual effects are dangerous. If a property you’ve purchased shows signs of a drug lab, it is essential to have it professionally decontaminated. Drug lab residues are just as dangerous as the drug itself if handled incorrectly, cleanup can cause illness and even death.

Tear Gas

If tear gas was used on your property, professional decontamination is a must. When tear gas is used, chemicals are released into the air which is meant to disable an assailant. When those chemicals settle, it leaves a fine powder on furniture, floors, and other surfaces in the area. If cleanup is attempted without proper training an equipment, that residue can reenter the air, which can cause harm to you and others


Biohazards are present in most cleanup situations. Drug labs, unattended death, suicide, murder… any situation that involves bodily fluids is biohazardous. When biohazards are involved, professional cleanup is a must. Biohazards such as rodent droppings and blood carry pathogens that can cause illness and death.


Where death, rodents, and hoarding are involved, odors are present. Spaulding Decon has a proprietary ozone neutralizer that is able to “shock” the air and remove negate the odor. Their odor decontamination service is essential to moving on and setting your life back on track after a tragic event.

If you’ve fallen victim to a death, crime, or accidents, it is important to call Spaulding Decon first. Cleanup and decontamination is not a task for untrained. Spaulding Decon’s team of specialized workers will be on scene in a timely and orderly manner ready to restore your home, work, or property back to normal, so you can move on with your life.

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