Are you experiencing nausea, headaches, or illness in your home? Do you feel sick while you’re in a building, but can’t place why? Do you believe one of these areas has been infected by drug making? If any of these are the case, it is important to give Spaulding Decon a call. Spaulding Decon offers comprehensive meth lab testing that will assure you, as the homeowner, whether or not there is meth in the home. It is so important to have your home or commercial property tested because a former meth lab is dangerous to you, your health, and anyone in contact with the property. Let’s go step by step through the Spaulding Decon’s meth lab testing procedure.

  1. A Team of Highly Trained Technicians Arrives at Your Door.

Spaulding Decon has a team of highly trained technicians who arrive at your door in unmarked vehicles and uniforms. At Spaulding Decon, we understand how your situation can be tough and your need for privacy, which is why not the vehicles nor uniforms are marked.

  1. Your Property is Thoroughly Tested

The technicians at Spaulding Decon have years of experience which enables them to properly and completely test the property. They use composite testing in every interior room of the property. Furthermore, they test exterior fixtures such as sheds, garages, or other outdoor buildings in order to identify all the areas contaminated by the meth lab or Drug lab. The walls, carpet, insulation, HVAC, and every other area will be thoroughly tested because meth residue can be anywhere.

  1. Third Party Testing Guaranteed on all Clearance

In order to avoid a conflict of interest, Spaulding Decon hires a third party to provide post sampling for clearance.  At Spaulding Decon we want you to be sure there is no conflict of interest with us testing our own work.  Our competitors test their own work, but we guarantee our work and have a 3rd party test to prove it.

  1. Results are delivered to you

After the third party returns their results to us, we deliver them to you. In just a few short days, the results of the testing are delivered to you. At this point, you will know whether or not there were traces of meth left in your property. Results are delivered quickly for your safety and to give you enough plenty of time to come up with an action plan for decontamination.

  1. A Plan in Made

If the preliminary meth test comes back positive Spaulding Decon will create a thorough plan to decontaminate the property. Using Spaulding Decon for the cleanup will assure any contaminated areas are fully decontaminated.

At Spaulding Decon, they understand the dangers of a meth lab and meth residue, and how important it is to test an area you believe is affected. For this reason, they have developed an at-home meth lab test kit for those who cannot afford the full meth lab test done by the company’s technicians. You can purchase this kit on their website for $47 plus shipping.

If you believe your property was previously used as a meth lab, there is no time to wait for testing. Evacuate the property and call Spaulding Decon. Being at the site previously used for a meth lab is just as dangerous as being in the lab while it is in use. Spaulding Decon’s comprehensive testing can be used for hotel rooms, single or multifamily homes, commercial properties and more.

If you are interested in having meth lab Cleanup or testing conducted on your property, contact the Spaulding Decon team at 866-99-DECON today. We will provide you with more information about our testing services.