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TAMPA, Fla. – April 16, 2010 –Spaulding Decon, LLC, a fully licensed and certified biohazard cleaning and decontamination business for commercial, residential and industrial locations, is now offering free crime scene cleanup services to families of homicide victims.

Offered across Florida, the program covers the cost of cleaning single-family residences only, and is open to families who do not have the financial means or homeowners insurance to cover crime scene cleanup. It includes cleanup and disposal of carpet, hardwood floors, and all disposal fees. Replacement costs are not included.

“Experiencing the homicide of a family member is tragic enough. But when families discover that they, not the authorities, are responsible for cleaning up the result of their loved one’s violent death, it is a devastating blow to individuals who are already fragile in their grief,” said Laura Spaulding, a former law enforcement officer who founded Spaulding Decon five years ago. “By offering this service, Spaulding Decon is able to alleviate some of the shock, stress and financial hardship involved in dealing with the result of tragedy.”

Certain eligibility requirements apply, including cooperation in the investigation and prosecution, and report of the crime to law enforcement within a reasonable timeframe. Victims who contributed to the crime or committed a crime at the time of the incident are ineligible, and the claim for compensation must be filed within one year of the crime unless good cause is shown for the delay.

For families with homeowners insurance, which typically will cover the cost of crime scene cleanup, Spaulding Decon will file for reimbursement through the insurance company and waive the deductible.

In addition, the company will guide families through the application process for financial assistance to help cover the costs of funerals, grief counseling and other appropriate mental health services, medical care, lost income and various out-of-pocket expenses related to the injury or death.

Since 2005, Spaulding Decon has earned a reputation as one of the few companies in the Tampa Bay area and nationwide to be completely licensed, bonded, certified and insured to properly clean and decontaminate biohazard, blood and crime scenes. In addition to crime, suicide and unattended death scenes and hoarder “pack rat” situations, the company offers professional clean up and decontamination of meth labs, cat and dog waste, rodent droppings, traffic accidents, and odor removal.

Other non-emergency services include medical waste pickup, fingerprint dust removal and tear gas cleanup.

For more information about the services offered by Spaulding Decon visit or call 866-99-DECON.


About Spaulding Decon, LLC

Based in Tampa, Fla., Spaulding Decon provides nationwide service for crime scene cleanup, bio hazard decontamination, meth lab cleanup and hoarder or “pack rat” cleanup. The company is fully licensed and certified for commercial, residential and industrial cleaning services and offers exceptional service guarantees. The staff is trained in the proper cleaning and disposal of hazardous material, and exemplifies the utmost sensitivity and privacy when dealing with victims of traumatic events. Spaulding Decon offers 24-hour service in most areas of the United States. For additional information about Spaulding Decon, please visit or call toll-free 866-99-DECON (866-993-3266), 813-298-7122 for the Tampa office, or 407-405-4413 for the Orlando office.

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