Property managers have a huge responsibility to both the tenants and their owners.  Large management companies have many layers to make sure broken items get fixed, and bad tenants are evicted.  For the smaller management companies many things go undiscovered.

Hoarders are everywhere and it is estimated that 3-5% of the U.S. populations suffers from hoarding.  This means that many of them are living in apartment complexes.  How should a property manager handle a hoarding tenant?  Unfortunately most property managers do not have the skills or resources to deal with hoarding tenants.  There are 2 main ways to discover whether one of your tenants might be a hoarder.

  1. Most hoarder tenants do not allow inspections, pest control access, or ever call for maintenance repairs. Most property managers think they are the model residents, however this is usually a sign that is most often missed.
  2. Secondly, the adjacent tenants might complain of roaches, and bugs in their apartment. Most managers think that the complaining tenant is not clean or living in a filthy manner.  However, the typical reason is the adjacent apartment containing all the trash and spoiled food.  Managers will typically call pest control and never address the adjacent units.  Even if the manager calls the adjacent units the hoarding tenant will lie and say they do not have a bug problem.  This makes it difficult for the manager to identify the root of the problem.

Hoarding cleanup

When dealing with a potential hoarding client it is important that you remain non-judgmental and tell your maintenance staff to refrain from jokes or gossiping about the hoarder.  Offer assistance in the form of maintenance repairs or refer a HOARDING CLEANUP company like Spaulding Decon.  A good hoarding cleanup company will respect the hoarders privacy, and go through all their items with them to separate what they want to keep vs. donate, or trash.  A good hoarding cleanup company will be insured and bonded against employee theft.

Property managers should only evict the hoarder if all other attempts fail at getting them help.  Managers should realize that the damage to their apartments would typically be extensive depending on how long the hoarder lived there.  Most apartments that we encounter require a full gut due to the bugs, mold, and neglect.



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