Spaulding Decon is a leader in the clean-up industry. Since 2005 Spaulding Decon has been growing, expanding, and training their top-notch drug lab clean-up technicians. From Spaulding Decon’s ten plus years of knowledge and experience, they are able to offer a high-quality drug lab clean-up service with a clean-up crew dedicated to serving their customer. Each technician goes through an extensive training process where they learn the ins and outs of the business and prepare them for the job. Spaulding Decon ensures their employees have the proper know how to deal with any drug lab clean-up situation.

The professional technicians at Spaulding Decon are highly trained to be the best in the industry because their job can affect your safety and well-being. Proper drug lab clean-up cannot be done by an individual without proper and extensive training. A background checked and trained technician from Spaulding Decon is certified to make sure your property – business or residential – is restored to new.

As Spaulding Decon, their techs hold certifications ranging from clean-up and removal to HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response). HAZWOPER is an extensive federal training provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to make sure that anyone cleaning hazardous materials is trained and prepared to do so no matter what the situation. This forty-hour training covers what is a must for anyone cleaning up hazardous waste as well as requires supervised days in the field. This training aids the technicians of Spaulding Decon in identifying hazardous material, removing it from the premises and decontaminating the area in order to make it safe for use again. By the time Spaulding Decon’s technicians arrive at your door, they are more than prepared for any drug lab cleanup – methamphetamine or otherwise. The extensive training for drug lab cleanup is one of the most important which is why it is the longest training Spaulding Decon puts its franchise owners and employees through.

Beyond the training, the professionals at Spaulding Decon have access to a wide variety of equipment and chemicals that the everyday person does not have access to. Their proprietary tools allow them to be the best in the business for you.

The professionalism starts in training but does not end there. When you are in need of the professional drug lab clean-up technicians from Spaulding Decon they arrive on the scene fast. They are always ready to take care of your cleaning needs. Your residential or professional property will be in the best hands once Spaulding Decon is contacted. The cleanup begins by testing all the areas in the home to identify where there are traces of meth or other illegal drug residues. From there they create a plan and begin clean-up.

The technicians from Spaulding Decon are certified in biohazard removal as well and can safely and properly dispose of all the hazardous waste left on the property from the drug lab. This is important because of the magnitude of the cleanup. From appliance remediation or removal to the decontamination of the HVAC system, the technicians at Spaulding Decon clean up the best.

The process is completely documented so you have as much information about the process as possible for your records. This is helpful when it comes to selling or renting the property as well as when dealing with the insurance company. If your insurance company is involved they will ask for as much information on the illegal drug lab and its clean up as possible and this documentation makes the process move with ease. The team from Spaulding Decon will work with you and the insurance company to have the clean-up services paid for. After the technicians completed the removal, decontamination, and sanitation, a third-party company is used to test the property for any minuscule traces of the drug, chemical or toxic residue. After the test is returned to Spaulding Decon they will be able to either go back and finish decontamination or declare the property safe for use. The use of a third-party testing company avoids any conflict of interest as well as dually assures the property owner that the job is complete and was done right.

From their proprietary tools to their extensive background knowledge and training the technicians at Spaulding Decon are top in their line of work. With Spaulding Decon you can rest assured that your place of business or residence will be fully restored to a safe place to be. With the many certification they hold and the many clean-up services they perform, the techs at Spaulding Decon are the absolute best for any drug lab clean-up job. In the drug lab clean-up industry Where drug labs are a problem the technicians of Spaulding Decon are the solution.