During this unprecedented and challenging time, offices and businesses are looking for the best ways to keep their teams and employees safe and continue to work. For all essential businesses in the US, we can provide daily, bi-weekly, semi-weekly, and weekly professional disinfecting and sanitizing schedules. We use potent, hospital-grade disinfectants that are approved and also safe for use on food-grade prep surfaces. Our two-step process will rid your office, workplace, and factory of viruses, germs, fungi, and bacteria.

COVID-19 has very quickly gained a reputation for being very dangerous and insidious. The virus can survive on many surfaces for up to seventeen days.

Also, individuals infected by the coronavirus do not show symptoms until about two weeks after getting infected. This aspect makes it hard to track and restrict the spread of the virus. So, having a trusted and professional disinfection and remediation company by your side is very important.

Our trained professionals will use a 2-step process recommended by the CDC to clean your office or facility. Step one of this process incorporates full cleaning and wiping down all surfaces in your office and various high touchpoints, such as countertops and knobs. Step two involves using a chemical approved by the EPA for full disinfection.

Also, note that merely “fogging” a specific area with a disinfectant doesn’t meet all EPA-registered label requirements without adequate pre-cleaning. It may also be a violation of US federal law. Perhaps, more importantly, improper use and application of a disinfectant may lead to a false sense of security, increasing the risk of health hazards.

Also, note that the CDC has not deemed the “fogging” method or technique as the most effective and efficient way to combat the coronavirus since it does not clean the affected surfaces.

We follow all OSHA regulations and strictly adhere to the latest procedures and techniques for disease and virus cleanup, sanitization, and disinfection.


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