Meth lab cleanup training is required for all personnel working in a decontamination capacity.  When law enforcement busts a meth lab environmental contractors will do what is called a “pack out”.  A pack out is the removal of gross contaminates like precursors and chemicals.  This is often a dangerous job due to the flammability of some of the chemicals.

During our franchisee meth lab cleanup training we provide extensive education on what to look for and the hazards associated with working in a meth lab.  The franchisees and new hire employees receive an education on the different types of meth labs.  The most common type of meth lab we run into in the last 5 years is referred to as the “one-pot method”.  This method is super easy to manufacture a small batch of methamphetamine.  The meth is cooked in a 2 liter Pepsi bottle.  There is no outside heating source necessary.

Our meth lab cleanup training also includes precursor identification.  Did you know that lithium batteries are often used as a heat source for meth making?  Most people would not find it odd to see a bunch of batteries in a home.  However, when we inspect former meth labs lithium batteries is just one of the things we look for.

Over the years we have tested many chemicals and decided to create our own proprietary meth lab cleanup chemical.  Our Meth Away chemical is exclusive to our franchisees.  We will not sell it to the public.  This chemical is so advanced that it facilitates our decontamination efforts.  The chemical cuts our Decon down to 2 or 3 days and we have yet to have a failure when utilizing our chemical.  We do not believe in a spray and walk away system.  This “cheat” chemical systems are attempting to mask the contamination rather than remove it.  Our chemical removes the meth molecule to create a contaminated free environment.

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