Laboratory is a place or section for practical working and workshops. Usually, the laboratories are used for experimental work for testing different things. Definitely, these places are rich with a number of infectious material, elements and items that can harm the people working in these areas. Actually, if the decontamination method, especial disinfection is not applied to laboratories, then contamination increases and it may cause many types of disorders and infections. Laboratory Disinfection is different one from other cleaning and decontamination methods used in sensitive working areas. There are a number of equipment and products used for disinfection of a laboratory, but most cleaners prefer heat and ultrasonic cleaning methods.

Both are very effective, reliable and better in results. Fundamentally, parasites and infectious items are major contamination types that can contaminate the laboratory. So, it needs much care and attention to handle the disinfection process in laboratory. On the other side, Laboratory Disinfection is considered little challenging and sensitive with compare to rest of decontamination methods. In fact, you must find the things, contamination type and needs of chemicals to decontaminate the laboratory from all kinds of the parasites and other microbial. In general, disinfection of laboratory by heating is the best one that gives best results just in minimal course of time.

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