Washing your hands regularly with soap and water is one of the best ways to minimize the spread of coronavirus. However, if you are a business owner and your business relies on cash you might be wondering if the exchange of money can enhance the spread of COVID-19 and how you can stay safe.

Generally, you find germs and bacteria on coins and bills and hence they pass quickly from one hand to the other. However, keep in mind that there is no specific research claiming that the coronavirus spreads this way.

We know that digital payments firms, many merchants, and some policymakers in the US have been pushing hard to move away from bills and coins in the name of more convenience and cost. However, reducing the risk of spreading an illness would be another rationale.

Credit Cards

COVID-19 does not spread by penetrating the skin on the hands. This is why getting COVID-19 on your hands can only lead to infection when transferred from your hands to places like your nose, mouth, or eyes.

In addition, there is not much scientific evidence that quitting cash would make a considerable difference, especially in the case of the coronavirus. If you run a cash-based business, having access to cash is essential to run your operations.

Keep in mind that the coronavirus has a minimal lifespan the moment it lands on any inanimate object. Given that, one of the best measures you can take to minimize the spread of the virus is hand washing. If your business requires that you handle cash, you should be diligent and careful about washing your hands and not touching your face. Also, refrain from touching your nose, eyes, or mouth afterward and thoroughly wash your hands with water and antibacterial soap immediately after handling money. If you would like to wear disposable gloves to keep yourself safe, change your gloves.

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