Drug means the medicines which doctors suggest the patients to take for getting relieved form diseases. But, in other words, drugs are also some narcotics which people use and become addicted to using them continuously. In these days, there are many illegal drug labs which crime groups and criminals build to make narcotics and sell to addicted people. Criminal gangs use such labs to earn money. Basically, they are committing some big crimes to destroy the societies and human beings. However, you can never say every drug lab an illegal because drug labs are also allowed to work in many countries, but only for manufacturing of positive and effective medicines for health industry.

Why are Drug Labs Compulsory?

Medicines and vaccines are prepared in some particular labs where the experiments are executed and final drugs are prepared. However, many people from crime groups use such labs to prepare narcotics like cocaine, brown sugar and alcohol. Health Ministry of every country allows the people to construct drug labs legally just to make the useful medicines for patients. However, they include manufacturing of illegal narcotics and drugs along with normal medicines. So, the people follow them and start initiating drug labs to produce narcotics and earn wealth. Most of countries have declared every such drug lab as an illegal and working in that is also completely banned.

Which Drug Labs are Illegal?

Drug labs are well executed and organized places to manufacture drugs. But, when you talk about the illegal drug labs, then obviously you will come to know meth and clan labs. These are specific labs with sufficient facilities to prepare narcotics that are totally illegal to make, sell and use. All the drug labs that are involved making illegal and forbidden medicines, products and narcotics will be called “Illegal Drug Labs”. These are completely dangerous for the people and environment. There are also many possibilities of fire, emission of gases and explosions that may lead many casualties.

What to Do Against Illegal Drug Labs?

It is compulsory for citizens as well as law enforcement agencies to keep their eyes over illegal activities in societies. If the drug lab is reported to be somewhere, then law enforcement agencies play their very effective role to eliminate, seal and clean the drug lab thoroughly. Nowadays, there are hundreds of cases about the illegal drug labs which Antinarcotics and Law Enforcement Authorities have sealed and caught the people involved in running these labs. Anyhow, when drug labs are detected, then cleaning them and removing all contaminations are first priority of country or state to do.

Health Impacts of Drug Labs:

Illegal drug labs cause many types of health complications. Usually, the people suffer from many skin, digestion and breathing disorders due to drug labs. Secondly, the explosions in drug labs may also cause casualties of people around these labs. Finally, there are many infectious disorders and lasting diseases that are also caused by contamination of drug labs.

Effects of Drug Labs to Environment:

Undoubtedly, the drug labs are big sources of contamination. First of all, these labs emit toxic gases in the environment. Secondly, contamination in drug labs also causes water pollution.