how your business can prepare for a third wave of covid-19If you’re wondering how your business can prepare for a third wave of COVID-19, you’re already ahead of the game. You’ll see that everything we’re about to discuss here revolves around prevention.

This includes discussions about social distancing, personal protective gear, and the option for remote work when a safe distance cannot be maintained.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has outlined several precautions for re-entry into the workforce.

Their main concern is that anyone with underlying conditions – or anyone living with someone faced with these conditions – must be extra mindful.

Together, let’s put this disease under the microscope, see what we’re facing, and construct a battle plan to help everyone continue to earn a living while staying alive.

What Is COVID 19?

Although we hear COVID tossed around in everyday conversation, let’s take a moment to really discuss the perils of this disease.

COVID is a new disease. Although it can manifest with symptoms similar to the common cold or the flu, it is a novel (or new) virus that has never previously been recorded.

Because of this, doctors and scientists are working hard to combat the disease and predict its perils. That is why it manifests differently in people; some folks are hardly impacted by it while others experience pulmonary and heart trouble, resulting in death.

COVID in the Workplace

Like most airborne illnesses, COVID spreads in a number of ways. If someone coughs, sneezes, talks, sings, or breathes, they can produce respiratory droplets which are quick to spread the disease.

Although airborne contamination is most common, COVID can also spread through contact with contaminated surfaces.

The virus can remain alive on a surface and then the next person to touch that surface, then touch their face, eyes, nose, or mouth, can become contaminated, too.

This is why it’s so important to know how to clean up after COVID. Be sure to keep surfaces clean and decontaminated until doctors and scientists definitively know how to combat this disease.

How Your Business Can Prepare for a Third Wave of COVID-19

With that basic review under our belts, let’s talk about the aforementioned battle plan. As you learn how to prepare for COVID, you’ll see now’s the time to stretch out your office supply budget and look into equipment for a successful remote work environment.

Protective Masks

No matter your county or jurisdiction, it may be wise to establish a few standard safety measures. Ask all in-office employees to wear a protective mask whenever they move about the office. Consider stocking reusable safety masks as you might stock printer paper or paper towels.

Hand Sanitizers

Set out hand sanitizer at several important checkpoints, including the kitchen, outside the bathrooms, and on every corner as employees enter new workspaces. Offer employees individual pumps for their workspaces.


If you’ve struggled to come across paper goods and other essential items during the first wave of coronavirus, now’s the time to stockpile. Preparing for COVID begins with precautionary measures.

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase paper towels, tissues, napkins, toilet paper, face masks, surface cleaners, soap, and hand sanitizers now.

You probably won’t want to lay them out all at once – so employees will be encouraged to use these items prudently – but you’ll want to have them tucked away and on-hand.

Remote Work

If any cubicles are less than six feet apart, consider an alternating work schedule. Arrange a schedule for certain employees to work remotely while others come into the office and vice versa.

Trust your employees will conduct the same amount of business from home as they would in-office. Several studies suggest employees are actually more productive when they work from home.

If needed, you can invest in productivity monitoring tools that help employees maintain their work schedule and log their computer activity.

As employees alternate their work schedules to maintain distance from one another, be sure to bring in a cleaning team each week to decontaminate every area that has been used.

Remote Work Continued

If certain employees meet the criterium to be considered high-risk, it may be wise to extend the offer to work from home. This also applies to workers who have family members who are ill or at-risk.

Here are a few examples of high-risk populations:

  • People who are 65 and older
  • People with chronic lung disease or asthma
  • People with heart conditions
  • People with lower immune systems, e.g., people undergoing cancer treatment or facing certain immuno-deficiency diseases
  • People severely impacted by obesity, e.g., people with diabetes, renal failure, or liver disease
  • Women who are pregnant

This may include the employee themselves or members of their family. For example, if any of your employees have spouses, children, or family members within their care who battle these ailments, you might consider offering them a work-from-home alternative.

Hire a Decontamination Team

We should not permit COVID to prevent us from living normally within our homes or our businesses.

Decontamination teams are quite different from cleaning services. These teams use cleaning products that are designed to completely eradicate all traces of disease, contaminants, and bodily fluids that can further the spread of illness.

Since decontamination is a step above standard cleaning services, be sure to check with your insurance company. Because this is all in the name of COVID, many insurance companies will work with remediation teams to cover a portion of the cost.

Preparedness Is Possible

This is how your business can prepare for a third wave of COVID-19. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention. And, especially in these uncertain times, you can never be too precautious.

With a steady supply of cleaning products and a smart schedule for remote work, you can keep your employees safe and your company performing at peak capacity.

Here at Spaulding Decon, we work hard to maintain homes and offices in the wake of trauma, biohazards, and crime scene cleanups.

But, because COVID in the workplace is something that can never be taken too lightly, we’re here to help you stop the spread of this deadly disease.

We have locations all across the country and are standing by with affordable services and a 24/7 quick response. Allow us to be your go-to for all your cleaning needs.

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