We develop and empower our managers and supervisors to raise the disinfection industry standard. Our staff training program is where we teach our employees on topics, such as safety, innovative cleaning and disinfection practices, and management skills.

Our team goes through in-depth and extensive training, and has several years of experience working in various industries, such as restaurants and hospitals.

Our key focus is on training and developing employees to deliver extraordinary and reliable customer service. We strongly believe in developing long-term client relationships based on excellent communication.

We Lead By Example When Training Our Staff

During the training and development process, lead from the top and also be an effective, inspiring, and conscientious role model. If we take shortcuts in training, our employees will do the same on the job. Therefore, we do not take any shortcuts.

We know that just being an excellent role model is not sufficient to bring somebody up to speed. That said, this element is a crucial part of the training process and one of the best ways to instill skills, such as diligence and efficiency in our disinfection staff.

We Provide Positive Reinforcement and Encourage Feedback

We do not make the training process feel like a chore. We make the sessions interesting and fun to achieve the results we are after. By encouraging staff feedback during training and offering positive reinforcement for successful trainees, we put our business in a better position and reap all the benefits of a diligent and effective training regime.

We Provide Checklists

We cover important topics and conversations on paper often in the form of a checklist. We also provide our disinfecting staff with a copy of the checklist when they begin their training to help keep them on track.

We Use Quizzes for Measuring Understanding

Quizzes are an excellent way to identify when an employee may need additional training in a specific area. We keep quizzes short and brief and the questions fair to help our staff be successful when taking them.


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