Rodent droppings and urine are a biohazard that should be treated as immediately as possible. Feces are a hazard that can harm families, children and other creatures who encounter them, which is why it is imperative you follow the proper steps and wear appropriate protection for the cleanup and removal as well as the disinfection of the affected area.

Any urine and feces should be treated as septic material. Make sure to have the proper protection tools on hand when beginning the cleaning of urine and removal of droppings. Wearing latex or rubber gloves, long sleeves, protective goggles, and a respirator when cleaning. If you begin by sweeping the dry droppings, tiny particles of the feces may enter the air. Wearing this protective gear will prevent you from breathing in any micro bacteria from the feces that could cause you harm.

One you are suited up, you will need to remove any solid droppings before the area can be disinfected. The Center for Disease Control recommends saturating the solid droppings and urine before cleaning up in order prevent the bacteria in them from becoming airborne. You may saturate the droppings using any common household disinfectant. A mix of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water would also be a decent solution to use. A household disinfectant or bleach solution can be used to soak the feces for 5 – 10 minutes. From this point, remove rodent dropping using a paper towel (KEEP THE GLOVES ON!) and dispose of them in a garbage bag. Using the disinfectant or bleach solution, wipe down contaminated and surrounding areas. Areas close by could be affected by rodents running through their urine so it is important to be thorough when cleaning. Mop floors, wipe down cabinets, counters, and other hard surfaces, leaving the solution to sit for a period before wiping it up. Any materials that cannot be sprayed down with the disinfectant or bleach solution should be heavily laundered.

Though droppings and urine may seem harmless, they should not be taken likely. That can harbor diseases and bacteria that can harm you or your family. Promptly taking care of it yourself or contacting a certified decontamination company will be the best options to ensure your safety.

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