When it comes to cleaning, a house used for manufacturing methamphetamine it is important to be careful. The chemicals used in manufacturing meth such as propane, acetone, and battery acid are dangerous. Furthermore, the drug itself and any residue from its manufacturing can be just as dangerous as ingesting it. From your safety to disposal, to clean up, to decontamination, there are things you need to know in order to get the job done right.


Your safety is the number one priority when it comes to cleaning up a house used for manufacturing meth; which is the main reason a professional should be hired. Should you attempt the job on your own, make sure to completely cover your body with protective gear, including eyes, nose, mouth and any skin. Any exposure is hazardous.


All the items in the home that are porous need to be removed and disposed of properly. This means carpets, couches, sheets, curtains, bedding and any other fabric material. In some cases, drywall and insulations may need to be disposed of if the wall has been penetrated or burned. All this must be taken to your local solid waste facility and cannot be left at the curb for regular trash pickup.


After removing all of the items in the home that are contaminated, cleanup begins. Cleanup includes testing every room, surface, air duct, and appliance for methamphetamine residue. Many times, it is clearly visible, but even when it is not, it needs to be checked. Using an at home test kit from Spaulding Decon can help you know where and what in your home is contaminated.


The last part of cleanup is decontamination. The reason it is suggested a professional should be hired is because of the proprietary equipment needed to clean the home. Special vacuums, protection gear, and other equipment are needed to safely and properly decontaminate the home. If you are attempting this yourself, it is imperative to use a detergent and water as your main cleaning source. Many chemicals can react harshly with those used in the making of meth and can cause fires, burns, and other damage to the home.

If you are faced with cleaning up house used in making methamphetamine, save yourself the trouble and hired a professional. With proprietary equipment, tools, techniques and know-how, professional technicians are the best bet for getting the job done right.