Job of a cleaner is really much pithy and challenging, especially when cleaners are assigned the job to cleanup drug laboratories. Sure a drug lab is much more injurious for the environment as well as people around it. When cleaners have a job to cleanup the drug lab, then they need a lot of things and plans to arrange for prior to initiate the cleaning process. It is not easy to clean the drug lab because many of skills, good knowledge, experience, certification and proper training are needed to handle such complicated cleanup jobs. Further, the whole drug lab cleanup procedure has been classified into five major steps which every cleaning company follows exactly in the same sequence.

1) Survey the Lab:

It is the most important step of cleaning a drug lab. Actually, if you don’t have right idea about location, atmosphere, contamination type, doors and windows, then it will be complicated for you to accomplish cleanup process in drug lab. So, the cleaners always survey the lab and note important things before to start cleaning process.

2) Make Right Plans:

It is the following step of survey the drug lab in which cleaners mutually discuss over how, when and where to start cleanup process. The right idea is the best thing to support cleaning process. Most of cleaners always have same thinking about drug lab cleaning processes.

3) Arrange for Cleaning Equipment:

When you have planned well for cleanup drug lab, then you need to arrange the cleaning equipments like brushes, water tank, disposable shoppers, boxes, cleaning detergents, chemicals, deodorizers and personal safety wearing items.

4) Remove Solid Waste First:

Now, you should be on your way and first remove entire solid contamination and pack it in plastic bags and boxes. You should open the doors and windows to pass the fresh air and reduce odor in drug lab.

5) Wash and Clean Thoroughly:

When the contamination has been removed, you must step forward and start washing and cleaning lab from ceiling to floor. This cleaning should be thorough and everything is needed to remove properly.