Do you have a stack of commercial disinfection company pricing bids for one facility that look as if they are each for completely separate buildings or properties? How can you compare disinfection companies if the descriptions and wording in their bids do not have much in common?

Understand how to compare quotes from disinfection companies. Although price is an important factor, you would also like to hire a reputable disinfection company that can offer quality services that you can rely on.

You may choose a premium-priced quote, thinking that you will get a reliable and professional disinfection company. Instead, you realize the company does not even have experienced and professional cleaning and disinfection staff.

Therefore, if you received bids from three or four different disinfection companies, you need to have a reliable and effective way of choosing the best disinfection company from the bunch.

Here is a simple approach that will help you choose the best disinfection service.

House Disinfection

Disinfection companies often determine the price by calculating the time each job will take to complete. Disinfection companies know and understand that they need to keep their prices lower than competitors to be competitive and win more contracts.

Note that when pricing is too low, the staff cannot complete their work in the allotted time, and quality suffers simply because not enough time is spent cleaning and disinfecting the facility. Also, note that when disinfection companies calculate labor costs they need to factor in training and supervising costs too. Businesses usually pass on these costs to consumers by way of higher pricing. Note that less training and supervision of the staff often leads to poor results.

To make the best comparison, ask the following questions:

  • How many years has the company been in business?
  • Ask the disinfection company how they maintain quality control.
  • What type of training do the employees receive?
  • Are you insured and bonded?
  • Who provides the disinfection and cleaning products?
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