A meth house or lab is a place involved in preparing some chemicals, drugs and injurious things without proper permission of the government. Many years ago, several groups used rental property and own homes to construct meth labs. Later on, they sold these meth houses. You should keep this in mind that living in a house that has been a meth lab can be extremely dangerous. No one should buy a house that has been used as a meth lab. But, sometimes people purchase the property that was meth lab in the past, but unluckily they could not spot such buildings. Now, it is quite easy and simple to spot and make sure whether a property you are going to buy has been a meth lab or not.

How to Spot a Property Has Been a Meth?

It is hard to spot a house that has been a meth lab in the past. But, there are some specific directions that help a common person to identify the meth homes. Usually, you should never buy a home without verification. Usually, in the past many people used their property as meth lab. So, it is compulsory for you to spot such homes and then buy them. In general, meth labs leave their side effects and chronic risks behind them, even you used the best clean up services to get rid of such unpleasant effects. In the following, there are five major signs that may assist you spot the home that might be a meth lab.

1) Yellow Discoloration:

Meth lab has its endless signs which no one can remove or clean, even the most expensive detergents and cleaning chemicals. If you are standing in a house that was a meth lab, then you can see the yellow color on walls, sinks, showers and drains. This color can never be removed, even after several years of cleaning.

2) Blue Discoloration:

In presence of a meth lab, the color of fire extinguishers, tanks and valves of propane will be light or dark blue. This is a very distinct sign of meth lab in a home. Blue shade in a meth house can easily be judged by focusing on all water tanks and file extinguishers.

3) Removal of Fire Detectors:

When people make their homes meth labs, they always avoid fire. So, they mostly try to remove the fire detectors as well as tap them off. But, most meth lab users prefer to remove the fire detectors completely, so that they can work free of any tension.

4) Burning & Itching:

When you enter a meth lab or house, you will definitely feel itching and burning eyes, skin problems in breathing and metallic taste in your throat. Visitors will also suffer from some chronic infections and health disorders that may be critical and lasting. This is very common sign to spot a meth house.

5) Odor Still Exists:

Definitely, odor of medicines, toxic chemicals and other things can never be removed completed. When you need to confirm a meth house, then you can identify it by feeling a severe and strong odor of different things.