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If situations like unattended deaths or disease outbreaks occur inside a vehicle of any kind, biohazard vehicle cleanup and disinfection is needed to clean.

What if your car could get a second life?

Sometimes, the unthinkable happens in a car. This can include anything from a disease outbreak to someone dying. And at this point, you may think there is nothing left to do but get rid of the car.

However, biohazard vehicle cleanup can make the car as clean and as good as new. Wonder how that works? Keep reading to learn all about it!

When Do Individuals Need Biohazard Cleanup Services?

Let’s face it: no one ever expects to need these biohazard cleanup services until something dire happens. So we need to answer a basic question: when would individuals actually need these services?

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a car accident. If the accident results in blood or other fluids within the vehicle, you’ll want to have it professionally sanitized before you attempt to drive it or attempt to sell it.

Other times, your car may be the site of suicide or even a homicide. This greatly increases the chance of blood or other fluids contaminating the car, making professional cleanup a necessity. The same holds true if any violent crime occurs within your vehicle.

Finally, you never know when illness or a medical emergency may result in a contaminated vehicle. While ensuring the safety of the other party is your highest priority, you also need to make a plan to have your car professionally cleaned.

When Do Businesses Need Biohazard Cleanup Services?

Individuals aren’t the only parties that may benefit from professional biohazard cleanup. In fact, many businesses can benefit from these services on a regular basis!

Any business that involves transporting large numbers of people may need biohazard cleanup from time to time. This includes taxis, rideshare companies, and chauffeur companies. You never know what may happen with your passengers, so it’s good to keep your options open.

Businesses that rent or sell cars may be particularly interested in these services. Without proper cleanup, a contaminated car may be permanently out of service and hurt the bottom line of the business.

Any hotel that offers valet service may need biohazard cleanup. It’s important to return cars in pristine condition, and this helps such a business achieve that goal.

Finally, any businesses that have fleets of vehicles may need these services. From trucking companies to local corporations, it’s important for business owners to know they can restore all of their vehicles to working order very quickly after an accident.

Now that you know more about who needs these services, let’s take a deeper dive into how the entire process works.

Special Cleaning Equipment

Before biohazard car cleaning, it’s important to put on the right safety gear. The goal of putting on such gear is to make sure that the biohazards within the car do not end up infecting the people doing the cleaning.

What kind of gear is required? At the bare minimum, the gear includes goggles, masks (or respirators), gloves, and some kind of smock or other body covering.

Special hazards may require different clothing, but the gear mentioned is typically suitable to protect cleaners from things like bodily fluids and other biological materials that may be contaminating the car.

Removing Contaminations

Cleaning the car after a biohazard is a long and complex process. But it starts with a simple first step: removing the actual source of the contamination.

For example, if the car has been contaminated with blood, the first step is to collect and remove the blood. Any fluids or other biological materials collected must then be safely disposed of.

Depending on the extent of the contamination, this may end up being one of the most time-consuming elements of the biohazard car cleaning process. But it is necessary before we move to the next step: sanitizing the vehicle.

Sanitizing the Vehicle

What happens once the blood and other biological materials are removed from the car? At this point, a specialized cleanup team can proceed to sanitize the vehicle.

While the exact chemicals may vary based on the material being cleaned, the primary focus of this step is disinfecting the vehicle. This ensures no risk of contamination to future drivers of a vehicle that was previously covered in blood or other materials.

There is always a chance that some items within the car or parts of the car may not be able to be sanitized and must be removed. But the goal of this step is to preserve as much of the car as possible.

Deodorizing the Vehicle

It’s one thing to remove contaminations and disinfect the car. But even after these steps, a smell may linger. That is why the final step of the biohazard cleanup process is to deodorize the car.

This goes far beyond a simple deodorizing spray. Instead, special chemicals and other solutions work to both sanitize and deodorize the vehicle. The goal is simple: nobody who enters the car should be able to smell that anything is amiss. This lets you drive the car in peace and safety or, alternatively, sell it to an interested buyer.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

We’ve walked you through the biohazard cleanup process that professionals use. At this point, you probably have a simple question: “why not handle everything myself?”

First of all, an amateur trying to clean a biohazard is likely to get infected. By not knowing much about the hazardous material or cleanup procedure, such an amateur is at extreme risk during the entire process.

Second of all, an amateur may not have access to the right chemicals and safety gear. And even if you wanted to buy these things, the costs might add up to the point that you may as well call a professionally.

Finally, many biohazards are a result of traumatic events such as car accidents, suicides, or other fatalities. If you were involved in the event or know someone who was, you shouldn’t have to return to the trauma and re-open old wounds in the process of cleaning the car.

What’s Next?

Now you know more about biohazard vehicle cleanup. But do you know who can help restore your vehicle back to normal?

We are the nation’s leading company for crime scene cleanups, car cleanups, and much more. If your car needs a professional cleanup, come learn more about us and reach out to your nearest location today!

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