Crack, crystal, ice, glass, speed, stove top, tweak – meth. No matter what you call it, meth is meth and it’s dangerous. Methamphetamine is comprised of chemicals and toxic substances that can cause external bodily damage, mental and physical trauma, and can damage your home or building. If you suspect the use or production of meth in your place of residence – get out. That is the first step to your safety and to eliminating the problem. From there, the building, home, complex, etc., should be tested. If a professional test is not what you’d like to pay for, then there is another option, the home meth test. The home meth test kit is available to the general public and is a good option for testing for the presence of meth. This is important to understand when deciding to take on the task yourself.

Before using a home meth test kit, sometimes known as swab testing, it is important to make sure that it is the best option for the situation you are in. This also means checking state regulations. Each state differs in the amount of meth residue allowable in a building for it to be deemed a safe space to live and it varies largely. For instance, in the state of Colorado, half a microgram per one-hundred square centimeters of residue is considered habitable, anything more than that is not safe for habitation. Our home meth testing kits are the same test kits that we use to evaluate your home.  The laboratory measures the samples as low as .02 mg/100 cm2.

The ability for the meth test kit to provide an accurate result depends on the ability of the tester to know which areas to test. Each swab is good for only one area, so multiple test kits may be needed to test a room and many more for the entire residence. If you believe there is heavy contamination, the instant test may not be the best option for the job. If you simply want to test one room and/or a specific area, the meth test kit can do the job. If you feel the instant home test kit is not the right choice for the job, then the lab test kit is the one to use.  If you have any questions on which option is best contact our office for advice.

There are versions of the home meth test kit is the most reliable and accurate way to test for meth residue. These test kits are done by you, the property owner, and sent off to a lab for testing. These tests are the type of tests a contractor or industrial hygienist would use. These tests can offer a more accurate representation as to the level of meth contamination on the property. While these tests typically cost more, they offer a more reliable and accurate level reading.

When using the home meth test kit, it is important to know where to test. Our kits come with four swabs to test in 4 different areas in the home. There are some areas that are better to test in order to provide a more accurate result. Great places to test are stoves, behind refrigerators, inside cabinets, air vents, and other rarely cleaned areas.

Beware of all meth lab test kits that give you an instant answer.  There is an extremely high failure rate and they are not reliable.  Do not sacrifice quality for a quick answer.  Buy what the professionals would use to test your home at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you are positive meth was present or even if you are just slightly suspicious an at home or professional test can put your worries to bed. Testing for methamphetamine is always a good idea.  Before buying a car, home, apartment or any other property purchase, testing for meth is the safe thing to do. Always remember, if a test comes back negative that does not necessarily mean the whole house is negative. If you did not do a comprehensive testing of the entire property then there is no way to clear the entire home. Whether it is testing strategically on your own or hiring a professional, make sure to choose the best option for you.