Spaulding Decon puts every employee through extensive hoarding cleanup training.  Most novices think that hoarding cleanup is simple.  You just throw everything away right?  Wrong!  That could not be further from the truth.  The hoarding cleanup training that all employees go through concentrate on the disorder itself and how to help a hoarder.  Hoarders are suffering from depression and usually a tragic loss in their life.  Hoarders should be treated with compassion and patience.  Employees have to change their mindset when dealing with hoarders.  Most of them want to rush through the cleanup so the client feels they are getting the biggest bang for their buck.  This however, is not the case.  The hoarding client would rather you go slower, talk them through the process and allow them to discuss their decisions with the tech.  We find this is the best method to helping a hoarder.

When conducting our hoarding cleanup training we provide 8 hours of classroom training.  After the mechanics are discussed we take the new employee to a real life hoarding cleanup job.  The new employee will work with a supervisor or trainer for several jobs so they can see the manner in which we speak to the hoarders and how the process operates.

All in all our hoarding cleanup training is very thorough and we believe we are successful because of it.

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