Hoarding cleanup costs are customizable to each situation.  Not every hoarder wants the same services performed.  Some hoarders want a complete trash out where everything is removed from the home and it is left vacant.  These types of hoarders are planning on selling their property or there has been a death and the family needs to liquidate the home.

The second type of hoarder may want a sort and donate.  Our hoarding technicians go through every item in the home and sort through to find the items they want to keep and other items they may want to donate.  Donations save a great deal on the hoarding cleanup costs because of our partnership with Goodwill.  Goodwill will respond to any location where we are working and retrieve donation items.  This saves our client on labor and also gives them piece of mind that the items are being thrown in the landfill.  Donation items help families in need and helps save our landfills.

The third type of hoarding cleanup job requires the removal of trash and then sorting through to find keep items and heirlooms.  This is the most common type of hoarding project we face.  Our customizable pricing can fit anyone’s budget.  We own our own dumpsters so that will save on the cost of waste disposal.  We make our estimating process super easy.

Our hoarding cleanup cost includes a transportation fee, a disposal fee, labor, and a consumable fee.  Our estimate process is automated and you will receive an electronic estimate on site.

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