CONTACT: Laura Spaulding
Spaulding Decon, LLC

Spaulding Decon, LLC is a crime and trauma scene cleaning company.

Tampa, FL — (Aug 25, 2006) She was a pro at fighting crime, now she’s tackling crime grime.

Laura Spaulding, a former seven-year law enforcement officer, has launched the area’s newest crime scene clean-up business: Spaulding Decon, LLC. The 32-year-old Overland Park woman has seen her fair share of gory homicides, suicides, and other traumatic events during her career, and now she’s stepping up to clean them up and help relieve victims’ trauma.

“Most citizens think the police department cleans up after a traumatic event, but the burden of cleaning up lies with the homeowner or family,” said Spaulding, noting that most homeowners’ or automobile insurance policies cover the cost of the clean up.

“Losing a loved one is hard enough, but cleaning up after a crime is a whole other tragedy. A family shouldn’t be victimized twice.”

Before launching Spaulding Decon, LLC, Spaulding underwent extensive hands-on training to become a certified crime scene cleaner technician. She trained under industry leader Michael Tillman, owner of Amdecon in Irving, Texas, where she learned the ins and outs of working with bloodborne pathogens and OSHA guidelines.

During the 40-hour training, Spaulding worked with deer blood and brains in simulated homicide and suicide scenes. “Proper decontamination of a violent incident is paramount when moving on with your life.”

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