Meth lab and drug lab cleanup training is the most extensive training we offer in the company.  There are hundreds of methods to successful remediating a former meth lab.  We have seen countless subcontractors perform meth lab cleanups throughout the country incorrectly.  The contractor typically becomes super frustrated because they continue to fail clearance testing.  Our founder, Laura Spaulding is not only provides drug lab cleanup training, but is also an expert witness for drug lab cleanup matters.

We spend approximately 3 days with new franchisees on drug lab cleanup training.  The training involves how to test, where to test, how to interpret lab results, what labs to use, how to decontaminate a property, the use of our proprietary chemicals, and properly drying a home out.  After classroom training all franchisees and employees get experience with real life drug lab homes.  The decontamination process is extremely thorough and the process must be followed exactly.

Too often we have seen meth lab cleanup contractors fail decontamination efforts.  Unfortunately many States lack regulations which means that a meth lab cleanup technician can test their own work.  This is a huge conflict of interest.  Spaulding Decon’s policy is to always require 3rd party testing to avoid this conflict.  The process of drug lab cleanup is very physical and difficult.  Home owners typically do not try to do this themselves.  There is a huge learning curve and a typical home owner does not have access to all the equipment, chemicals and resources that a meth lab cleanup company has.