Meth labs can be made anywhere, not just in houses. In fact, it is easier for people making meth to use hotel rooms, apartments and even cars to make meth. These methods allow them to cook the drugs and leave so it is harder to trace the drugs back to them. If you own any commercial property, buildings, apartments, especially if they are abandoned it is important to be alert for these mobile meth cooks.

In a recent news story, three men were arrested in Pennsylvania for operating a meth lab in an abandoned building. Because of this, the owner of this building now must have it tested, cleaned, and decontaminated. Without proper remediation, this building cannot be used and is now a hazard to the public and the community. Many people do not realize how easy it is for anyone to set up a meth lab in an abandoned building, which is why it is important as a property owner to keep your buildings protected.

In another city, there was a couple operating many mobile meth labs throughout the area. Most notably, a restroom at the local visitor center was being used as a meth lab. This lab was only discovered after a fire started due to the flammable chemicals used in making meth. In this same case, an elderly woman had to be evacuated from a nearby residence due to the chemical waste coming from the home.

These meth labs are many times inconspicuous and it makes it harder to identify the danger. A meth lab can be anywhere. Since it is easier for meth cooks to use a rented space. If an apartment or multi-family home, the lab can be a danger to the other residence. These labs are haphazard and can explode causing fires and harm to the other occupants of the building.

If you own a commercial building and believe there has been meth made of the property, contact Spaulding Decon and have the property tested as well as your local law enforcement office. If an active meth lab or meth residue is found on the property, it is important to use a professional cleanup service to remediate the property. Spaulding Decon offers discreet cleanup by highly trained professionals who know state and federal guidelines for meth cleanup and remediation. Hiring Spaulding Decon will make the process easier on you, the property owner, and have the area restored timely.

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