Drug lab cleanup costs very greatly from house to house.  There is not standard rate that applied to every former meth lab.  The reason for the variation is the levels of contamination. Every house must be tested for methamphetamine before a work plan can be created.  Every house has unique nuances that require different methods and tactics to properly decontaminate a home.

For example, all attics and detached garages should be preliminary tested.  If a home does not have access to the attic then the attic is a non-issue.  Less than half the States have actual regulations on the books requiring meth lab cleanup.  For this reason, Spaulding Decon utilizes .1 mg/100cm2 as a cleanup standard in non-regulated States.

The average drug lab cleanup costs is between $12,000-$17,000.  Again the price varies greatly with the levels of contamination and the size of the house.  It is always advisable that a home owner get a couple of estimates from different qualified companies.  Remember, a lower price doesn’t always mean a better service.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when reviewing drug lab cleanup costs.

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