If your meth lab cleanup company does not provide you with 3rd party clearance testing you may have a big problem.  You stand the chance of being scammed by a company who wants a quick paycheck.  Some States require third party clearance testing after decontamination is complete.  As a company, Spaulding Decon makes it mandatory for all meth lab cleanup projects to have third party clearance testing.

Why is this important?  When a meth lab cleanup is performed on a home, office, or hotel it is a conflict of interest for that same company to test their own work.  As a client you should want a third party to test your home to avoid that conflict of interest.  We have seen many companies falsify clearance testing so they didn’t have to go back and re-clean a property.  This puts you in harms way.

The production of meth leaves a toxic residue in your home.  It is imperative that a meth lab cleanup company provides detailed decontamination efforts to remove that toxicity.  When you are hiring someone for clearance testing you should request an industrial hygienist perform the clearance testing.  You should obligate that person to test in 3 different areas in every room of your home.  This gives you a better idea if the rooms were fully decontaminated.  If the IH only tests one area in each room that is not enough data to let you know whether the home has been decontaminated.  What if they got lucky in that one spot?  Require 3-4 samples in each room.  Composite sampling will ensure that you are getting a broad sampling of your home.

If you suspect that your rental home or hotel has been used to manufacture methamphetamine you can test the property yourself.  Take a look at our meth lab test kit page and purchase a kit to test the property yourself.  This method is the same that the pros use but you are just doing the work yourself.  We have made a video for you so you have all the education you need to test the property.  How to Test my Home for Meth

As always Spaulding Decon offers phone consultations for free.  Call our office anytime with your questions on meth contamination.