Rodents can cause a lot of damage. Oftentimes people ask if rodent dropping cleanup is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Most of the time, your policy covers rodent dropping cleanup. It is important to have the processes documented during cleanup in order to file a claim, so make sure to hire a professional like Spaulding Decon who will provide you with the proper paperwork to file a claim.

Rodent droppings alone may not be enough to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Many times, rodents cause damage to the home, eating insulation, wires, drywall and sometimes destroying parts of the home. If this happens, homeowner’s insurance covers that damage. In some cases, rodents may cause fires from chewing through wires and this would also cause your insurance policy to kick in.

Another way your insurance policy may cover the rodent droppings removal is if the rodents carried hantavirus. Hantavirus can be deadly and can spread through contact with rodents or their droppings which carry it. That is why it is very important to be cautious when handling rodent droppings – the safest bet is to hire professionals.

Even after rodents are gone, their droppings pose a major threat and should be dealt with right away. They could be carrying hantavirus or another pathogen which can affect your health. You want to make sure that your cleanup company provides you with a clean bill of health before you re-inhabit places where the rodents were.

Remember, not every insurance policy is the same. Though oftentimes rodent dropping cleanup is covered by homeowner’s insurance, it may not always be. Contacting your policy holder is an important first step in filing a claim. For more information on our cleanup services call us at 866.993.3266 or visit us online at