Many cities have news organizations that monitor restaurant health department violations. These violations are sometimes minor but many times they are very serious.

Restaurants are preparing and storing food which can be a constant battle with insects. It is important that restaurants and other business disinfect the areas containing food or areas where insects could be. We provide a disinfection and decontamination service catered toward restaurants, day cares, gyms, schools, and offices. Our decontamination projects have been very diverse. We have disinfected government offices where an employee contracted MRSA. MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that is very difficult to cure and it is very contagious. One can imagine the panic that occurs when an employee contracts MRSA and works around several hundred people.

Other more common circumstances are the disinfection of common colds. Children put everything in their mouths, and they are not as clean as adults. In order to control bacterial and viral infections we recommend that day cares and schools sign up for a quarterly disinfection program. Some of our clients choose monthly disinfection with a deeper quarterly option.

Do you belong to a gym? Do you see how many people touch the same dumb bells that you do? The treadmills always seem to get wiped down due to the sweat on the screen but have you ever seen a gym disinfect the barbells, dumbbells, or smith machines? Our service is very thorough and we apply a hospital grade disinfectant to all the equipment. We disinfect everything a human touches.

Many of the concerns our clients have are staph infections, HIV, MRSA, the common cold, histoplasmosis, and the hantavirus. Our procedures can disinfect for all the above issues plus many more. A business should be proactive in order to prevent illnesses for their employees, customers or members. Our disinfection services are highly sought out by:

Locker Rooms
Sports Teams
Day Cares
Food prep facilities
For more information about disinfection and decontamination services for homes or offices please call our offices at 866-993-3266.

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