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Crime scene cleanup is not for the faint of heart. Most crime scenes are the location of an egregious act. The repercussions of this act are the part of the crime scene which needs to be cleaned. Many locations of crime scenes involve the use of illegal substances which may be hazardous and toxic to be around. As well other biohazards such as blood may be present. If this is the case a professional will need to be contacted. With cleaning comes restoration and remediation. Once the scene is cleaned of all biohazards and the toxins, it is still a long way from being returned to normal. A proper crime scene cleanup company will offer both cleanups, restoration, and remediation for the property at which the crime took place.

The tools needed for proper crime scene cleanup are not available to the public. Though you may think you have all you need, proper cleanup requires proprietary equipment. For instance: to properly remove biohazardous material such as skin, blood and bodily fluids solvents, disinfectant solutions, and hazardous waste disposal boxes are a must – all of which are not readily available for public purchase.

Crime scene cleanup

Up until the early 21st century removing personal items and clearing the site of a death was up to the family and owners of the home. Today, many companies, such as Spaulding Decon, offer such a service. Crime scene cleanup is a sensitive industry and at Spaulding Decon, they understand that no one wants to experience the trauma of a death twice which is why they offer state of the art cleaning up services that assist the families in the cleanup and coping process. Beyond the compassion that is needed for the cleanup, only a professional has access to the safety equipment and cleanup tools necessary to properly remove biohazards. Scenes such as clandestine drug labs often need professional care due to the dangers of the drugs. Chemicals used in the making of illegal drugs are harmful in even the least amount and only a professional as the know-how and tools needed to properly clean the property. One should never attempt crime scene cleanup on a property if they have not been trained to do so, this can result in injury. If done improperly, people who enter the scene after the fact can be infected by what is left at the scene.


With crime scene cleanup comes restoration. Restoration is the process of restoring and renewing items at the crime scene to make them appear and function in the manner they did before the crime took place. When a home, building, or complex is affected by a crime, there are many things that now need to be restored. There may be odors from the chemicals used in cleanup or odors remaining from the crime scene itself. Many items in the home will need to be restored to their former state and/or replaced if they cannot be fixed. Stains such as blood, gunpowder, and other bodily fluids would need to be removed. All surfaces in the area can be affected: walls, floors, carpet, furniture and many of these may need to be replaced. Couches, carpeting, upholstery and other porous items in the home will need proper restoration so they may be used again. Many stains and odors found at crime scenes cannot be properly removed without specialized care, which can be provided by a contractor. If the proper company is hired for cleanup, they will have all the tools needed for restoration, saving the property owner time and money on an additional service.


Remediation also takes place at a crime scene. Remediation is the process of fixing and or stopping the damage done to items at the crime scene. This may be a restoration but more often it is preventing further damage to things already permanently affected. For instance, if the crime scene is a clandestine drug lab, there are many articles on the scene that cannot be restored or remediated but must be completely disposed of – but not everything. Things such as drywall, the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system, and appliances in the house may be salvaged and remediated. Though a lay person may not have the proper know how or equipment to do so, a crime scene cleanup company will. With the tools and know how your items may be remediated and use of the objects continued.

If you find yourself in a situation where cleaning up the crime scene falls on your shoulders, the best thing to do is call a professional. Crime scene cleanup, restoration, and remediation are a much too difficult task for any individual to tackle without the know-how and equipment. It is best to take a safe route which will ensure your property be as marvelous as it was before the crime – this can only be done by certified pros.

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