Have you recently had pest problems in your home? Did pest control perform services to kill the vermin in your home? Did you know that pest control companies only exterminates the vermin but does not decontaminate the property after? If you’ve recently used the services of a pest control company, you will need the help of a rodent droppings cleanup service. After pest control leaves you are left with the problem of cleanup and decontamination which is just as dangerous as dealing with the rodents themselves.

Once the rodent infestation is cleared, their corpses, droppings, and nests are left behind for you, as the homeowner to clean. Rodent dropping removal is covered by homeowner’s insurance, so there is evert reason to call a professional to make sure the job is done right. While your home is now without live rodents, their bodies and fecal matter still fill your walls and crawl spaces.

Many homeowners understand the danger and health hazards associated with having live rodents in the home but severely underestimate the hazards caused by rodent droppings. Droppings are a biohazard. Attempting cleanup without professional aid is a risk as dangerous as having live rodents in the home. The droppings can carry deadly disease such as the hantavirus. Any contact with rodent feces can lead to the contraction of a disease which can then spread to your family.

If attempted cleanup without professional services (which is not advised) precautions must be taken. Always wear protective face gear. When vacuuming or sweeping, particles may become airborne and inhaling these particles could cause sickness, while getting it in your eyes may cause irritation. Always wear gloves and clothes that can be thoroughly lathered. Gloves prevent bacteria being absorbed into your hands. The clothes used while cleaning should either be discarded or cleaned in hot water with detergent in order to assure that any harmful bacterial residue on the clothing is destroyed.

The best pay to prevent infection and spreading diseases is to hire a professional company such as Spaulding Decon who has technicians who are highly trained in cleanup and has the certifications needed to properly clean and decontaminate a home of rodent droppings. Their training aids them in understanding the dangers that come with the feces of rodents and how to handle them accordingly, something a common homeowner may not know.

Rodent droppings are not something to be taken lightly, which is why hiring a professional such as Spaulding Decon is important to your safety. With Spaulding Decon, your home will be remediated completely. We will ensure the removal of odors, and provide a clean bill of health when the disinfection and remediating services are done.

Though droppings and urine may seem harmless, they should not be taken likely. They can harbor diseases and bacteria that can harm you and your family. Promptly taking care of it yourself or contacting a certified decontamination company will be the best options to ensure your safety.