You have listened and learned about the hoarding of goods among people in this world, but there is another type of hoarding in which people have a craze to hoard animals. Yes, animal hoarding is a growing trend around the world. If you look at history, you will come to know that people in antique days used animals to hoard for some specific purposes like earning their livelihood, getting eggs, meat and defending their homes. Later on, civilization minimized these trends, but still in developing countries, the people have more interest in animal hoarding. There are several types of animal hoarding like pet, cat, dog, birds and general animal hoarding.

1) Animal Hoarding:

Animal Hoarding refers to an activity of hoarding or collecting various types of animals at home. But, the hoarding animals at home may be critical, full of risks and health complications. Usually, people do not enough space for the animals they want hoarding and thus, they encounter with several problems. If you are a hoarder and collect a number of animals, then it is your obligation to provide good food, water, shelter and other facilities properly. If you do not have enough sources to accommodate hoarded animals, then you will be legally guilty. In many developed countries, the Constitution and Animal Laws do not let the people hoard animals more than their affordability and capacity to care them. If you do not pay attention to facilitate the animals rightly, then obviously it will be counted as cruelty to animals.

2) Pet Hoarding:

People are also much fond of hoarding pets. They actually hoard a number of species and animals as pet. This trend is fast growing in developed countries. Undoubtedly, hoarding animals can cause a number of infections and psychological disorders that may be everlasting. Recently, there are a number of laws to protect the animals and pets from being hoarded. In fact, if hoarders fail to provide better shelter, breed, water and safety, then pets may get sick and died of different reasons. When your association with pets increases, and becomes stronger, then obviously you will never accept to make animals or pets free. Secondly, the societies always have big objection for pet as well as animal hoarding. If you look at pet hoarding thoroughly, then you will come across a number of health complications that happen from hoarded animals.

3) Cat Hoarding:

Cats and dogs are extremely well known animals which are being used as the pet. People always consider both of these animals loyal and friendly for the humans. That is why; many people hoard cats and collect different species or classes of the pet cats. Certainly, hoarding pets or cats is a good hobby, but you must care for these animals. If you are unable to pay good attention to these pets, then you should never hoard cats. Many developed countries have passed specific laws to protect the cats as well as other animals. Hoarders will be fined or punished by law if they hoard cats, but they do not manage for the basic needs of these animals.