Rodents are known to carry disease which can be spread through contact and even air. The hantavirus can be spread through contact with the rodent who is infected, but more commonly is spread through their urine and droppings according to the CDC. People understand the direct danger of having a live rodent infestation, but often times underestimate the danger that still lurks once the rodents are gone. Rodent droppings in your house are harmful because they may carry hantavirus, so it is imperative you seek professional help if rodent droppings are found in your home.

Earlier this year in Washington state, two people were infected by the hantavirus through a deer mouse, the only rodent known to carry the hantavirus which also inhabits the state. One man, in his early thirties, became ill and died soon after seeking treatment at the local emergency room. In his case, it appeared that the hantavirus may have been inhaled. If droppings are in your home and left unchecked, they may become stirred up in the air and dust which can lead to infection, sickness, and death. Cases such as this and any with hantavirus are so severe that all cases are reported to the CDC.

Spaulding Decon understands how dangerous rodent droppings can be and because of that we respond to rodent dropping cleanup calls within 2 hours. The faster we are on the scene, the faster it’s cleaned and the sooner you can return to your normal life.

The best the best way to safely clean solid mouse droppings is to use a high-efficiency particle arresting vacuum (HEPA). A HEPA vacuum has the highest efficiency filters which will keep the bacterial particles from mouse droppings from entering the air you breathe. Spaulding Decon has access to these vacuums to assure that the air is safe to breathe.

After using a HEPA vacuum to clean up the solid droppings, it is time to tackle the not so easily removed, urine. With any porous material, urine will be difficult to remove since it will be absorbed into the item(s). When urine is present, Spaulding Decon sends all your fabric to a professional textile cleaning company to ensure the urine is properly removed and the fabric is properly sanitized.

This gives you an idea of how tough and detailed rodent droppings cleanup can be – which is why a professional with the right certifications and equipment is needed to remove the droppings and remediate the area.

Cleanup can be costly, but not to worry, insurance may cover the costs of cleanup where the droppings contain hantavirus. As a homeowner, it is important that you contact an exterminator and a hazardous waste cleanup company, such as Spaulding Decon, if rodent droppings are found in your home. Spaulding Decon will come out, examine the home and then proceed with a cleanup plan to ensure your home is clean when they leave. Not until we decontaminate the home will you know you are safe.