The job of a crime scene cleaner is one that is demanding. Long hours, physical labor, emotional trauma, and death are all things that come with the territory. Crime scene cleaners must fit a mold of what is required of them, it is not a job for everyone. As a crime scene cleaner, you will be required to compose yourself at any time your services are needed and be on scene straight away. Many people have an idea of what the job entails, this list will help you formulate a complete idea of what the career requirements for a crime scene cleaner are.


Experience in a similar or related field is a plus. This means anything from funeral home workers to FBI agents and any other job that you must deal with biohazardous material may make you a good fit. Former military, firemen, and police are often perfect for the job.


Physical and mental strength are a must. A crime scene cleaner has a physically demanding job. Not only can it be long hours in any number of places, they also have to wear full-body Tyvek suits and respirators. A crime scene tech will also have to be able to stomach the blood and gore that comes with the job.


Crime scene cleaners will interact with the families of a victim. This job requires empathy and compassion to be able to understand what the family is going through and offer comfort while you clean the scene.


Crime scene cleaners are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (366 on leap years). Trauma does not take a vacation on holidays and neither can a crime scene cleaner. Tragedy can strike at any time so a cleaner must be ready to go when they receive the call.

Detail Oriented

Attention to detail is essential. If tear gas is left on the scene, it can harm anyone who enters the area, drug residue can have the same harmful effects ingesting the drug and bloodborne pathogens can be deadly. A crime scene cleaner must be meticulous when it comes to cleaning to make sure every spot is full decontaminated and remediated.


A crime scene cleaner has to always be on top of their game to perform their job correctly which means substance abuse is strictly prohibited. Cleaners are subject to drug tests pre-hire and post-hire. They must be “clean cut” with no criminal history and pass a background check as well. Along with these basic requirements are also Hepatitis B vaccination, and tetanus shots to ensure the cleaners safety.


Cleaners must work at all hours of the night, long hours and in some cases harsh conditions. They will need to be able to work these and have the stamina to do it again the next day.

A Willingness to Learn

There are many safety regulations and training that come with the job. A cleaner must be willing to learn these, participate in the training, gain certifications and apply what they know to each scene. Every crime, every tragedy offers a different but equally difficult task that they must apply their skills to.

Do all these things sound like you? Are you someone who knows yourself, what you can handle, and your capacity for blood and gore? Then this job may just be for you. Visit Spaulding Decon online to find out more about the job of a crime scene cleaner and to submit your resume!